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OSAA Information and Resources for Officials


The OSAA appreciates the vital role that officials play in the administration of high school activities. We hope you'll find what you need on the OSAA website and our links to other sites and resources. This page is intended to assist you in achieving your goals as an official and to help clarify the policies regarding officials. All high school officials and associations are certified and chartered by the OSAA for the following sports: football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, baseball, and softball.

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Oregon Athletic Officials Association

The Oregon Athletic Officials Association (OAOA) seeks to advance high school officiating in Oregon by representing the state's officials and associations and promoting:
"One Rule, One Mechanic, One Interpretation"

All OSAA certified officials are members of the OAOA. Officials are encouraged to contact the OAOA directly for any questions or further clarification.

OAOA Contact Information

Jack Folliard, Executive Director
(503) 975-4488

Debi Hanson, Associate Executive Director
(503) 682-6722 x242

OSAA/OAOA Central Hub

A lot of information and great resources for officials can be found on the OSAA/OAOA Central Hub hosted on ArbiterSports. Officials registration, testing, training, and a lot more information is up on the Central Hub. Click the Central Hub button or one of the icons below.









OSAA State Rules Clinics

The OSAA holds several rules clinics for each sport prior to each sports season for commissioners of local associations.

Professional Organizations

The OSAA works closely with several professional organizations that relate to high school athletic officials. Follow the links below for additional information.

Commissioner Resources

Track & Field Officials

Become a Certified Official
Resources, trainings, and certification inforamtion for high school track and field officials.

Resources for Recruiting Officials

In effort to assist Local Officials Association recruit officials, the OSAA and the OAOA have created a repository of recruitment resources. These resources include marketing ideas, template brochures, media files, and other helpful materials.

One-Stop-Shop for Prospective Officials

The help associations connect with new officials, a new webpage has been created for people who may be interested in becoming an official. This site is ideal to include on promotional materials, it has a short and easy to remember URL, and it has a tool to connect potential new officials with commissioners.

» NewOfficials.org

Set an Association Schedule

Associations should build a schedule for the whole calendar year. Include on your annual schedule when to start recruitment before your sport's season. It is recommended to start recruiting efforts at least 2 months prior to the start of your season.

Tips on Recruiting

  • Plan ahead, set a schedule
  • Start early
  • Budget, recruiting is a wise investment for associations

Add to This Collection

Do you have something to share? E-mail recruitment resources to Jack Folliard, jfolliard@comcast.net, to have your item posted to this page.

OSAA Officials Recruitment and Retention Committee

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

The OSAA ad-hoc Officials Recruitment and Retention Committee meeting schedule and minutes can be found on the committee page.

Benefits of Officiating

Current officials and association leaders are already likely to know to perks of officiating. Sometimes, there are other aspects that may be overlooked. Below is a list that associations and officials have come up with to draw new officials.

Why Officiate?

  • Stay in the game; be a part of the sport you love
    It's a great way to stay involved in the sport. The great thing about being an official is that you are an active participant in the game and you actually get to be on the field and not on the sideline or in the stands.
  • Flexible scheduling; as an Independent Contractor, you choose your schedule
  • It's the ultimate college job; earn money working around your college schedule
  • Give back to your community
    Officiating is a way to give something back to the community. The sports official is a role model who is charged with enforcing the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship. It provides a unique opportunity to positively influence young people.
  • Face new challenges and grow
    Officiating affords an individual the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and to hone one's judgment skills. Officiating requires you to make instantaneous decisions, resolve conflicts, and deal with stress and pressure. It demands good communications skills and the ability to think on your feet. The ability to work a game fairly and smoothly is a skill one can be proud of.

Online Advertising

Online advertising, also called online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. This includes email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, many types of display advertising (including web banner advertising), and mobile advertising.

Online advertising is widely used across virtually all industry sectors and many associations have had increased response to online ads.

How-To Guides

Advertise on Craigslist
Learn how to advertise for free on Craigslist
Advertise on Facebook
Learn how to advertise on Facebook

Sample Craigslist Ad
Blurb of editable text to post on Craigslist (MVSRA - Soccer)

Recruitment Ideas

Host an Officiating Job Fair

Recruitment Flyers & Cards

Association Recruiting Programs

Send Jack Folliard, jfolliard@comcast.net, your recruiting ideas.

  • Refer a Friend Recruiting Program:
    Suggested by Ken Woods, Commissioner of Salem Football Officials Association.
    1. Member recruits a new official, that new official registers with the OSAA, receives a packet, attends weekly training classes, and works a schedule.
    2. The next year, this same rookie official comes back and registers with the OSAA for the second year, the recruiting official receives $40 cash from the association at the beginning of the season. If you recruit two new officials, you receive $80 cash, if you recruit three or more, you receive $100 cash (cap at some amount, i.e. $100 maximum).
  • High School Senior Recruiting:
    Suggested by Cliff Filley, Commissioner of Mid-Western Football Officials Association.
    1. Create postcards targeting high school seniors. Offer the ability to stay in the game and get paid.
    2. See sample postcard.
    3. Send a supply to high school athletic departments for inclusion in award ceremonies or for distribution to seniors.

Sign-Up and Register to Become an Official

How to Register as an Official

  1. First, determine which sport and Local Officials Association you want to join. You can use the Association Lookup Tool to find the closest association near a given ZIP code or high school. The Associations tab also contains a list of all Local Official Associations.
  2. Are you at least 18 years old?
    • Yes, continue on to Step 3.
    • No, if you are under 18 years old, you will need to contact your association's Commissioner in order to request an exception for youth referees. (These exceptions start with Commissioners, contact your Commissioner with an email expressing your interest to officiate.) Your Commissioner will then provide you with different registration instructions; do not continue to Step 3.
  3. Complete the Online Registration process. Registration is completed through the OSAA/OAOA Central Hub on ArbiterSports. The online registration form is fairly self explanatory and contains contact information if you need assistance. The registration process includes:
    • Choosing a portal
    • Selecting a sport
    • Providing contact information and a mailing address
    • Consenting to a background check
    • Agreeing to an Independent Contractor notification
    • Selecting your Local Officials Association
    • Paying registration fees online
    Choosing a Portal There are two registration options available for officials registering with the OSAA:
    Oregon Portal - this portal should be selected if you are a member or plan to be a member of a Local Officials Association chartered in the state of Oregon in any of the seven sports (Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, or Softball).
    Affiliate Portal - this portal should be selected if you are a member of an officiating association located outside of Oregon but will be officiating contests within Oregon's border. This option should also be selected if the Commissioner of your association has indicated that you should complete the affiliate registration process even though you may be a member of an Oregon association.
  4. Look for your Officials Packet in the mail. Your packet includes an OSAA badge and rules books. See the "Registration Fees" table and "Officials Packets" section for additional information.
  5. Complete the required annual Certification Tests. Refer to the Certification/Eligibility tab for additional information including all certification requirements for officials, links to online rules exams, concussion testing information, and OCEP requirements. If you are a new official, it is recommended to attend at least one of your association's training meetings before taking the rules exam.
  6. Get Training from your Local Officials Association. Check with your association for any additional membership requirements, training meeting schedule, and assignment procedures.

2024-25 OSAA Officials Registration and Testing Timelines

Registration/Testing Opens Thurs. 6/13/2024 (7/8/2024) Mon. 9/16/2024 Mon. 1/13/2025
Test Review Opens Mon. 8/12/2024 Mon. 11/11/2024 Mon. 3/03/2025
First Contest/Jamboree Dates Thurs. 8/28/2024 Wed. 12/03/2024 Mon. 3/16/2025
Registration Closes Fri. 9/27/2024 Fri. 1/17/2025 Fri. 4/18/2025
Testing Closes Fri. 10/18/2024 Fri. 2/14/2025 Fri. 5/16/2025

2024-25 Registration Fees

Multi-sport officials receive a discount if registering for multiple sports within the same membership year.

Officials Packets

Once you have completed the online registration process and consented to a criminal background check, the OSAA office will mail you an officials packet. Packets are send via US Postal Service to the mailing address provided in the registration process. Officials will be sent an email once their packet ships with a tracking number.

Please allow up to 5 business days to receive your packet.

Officials can purchase additional rules books and certification patches from the OSAA Corner Store.

If you have not received your officials packet, please email Heidi Lopez at the OSAA office, heidil@osaa.org. Packet contents vary by sport and additional information on exactly what is included for each sport's officials packet can be found with a price break-down of each item by clicking the specific sport to the left.

Certification Requirements for OSAA Officials

Per AOH Rule 4.1, in order to be a certified official:
  1. The official must be at least 18 years of age. (Exceptions for youth officials are made by the OSAA Executive Director.)
  2. The official must be a member in good standing of a local officials association.
  3. The official must complete the annual OSAA online officials registration process.
  4. The official must attend six study/training meetings or complete 10 hours of approved training.
  5. The official must pass a criminal conviction history screening; officials cannot have been convicted of:
    1. A felony involving the use, possession or sale of a controlled substance within the last 10 years. The 10-year period of ineligibility to officiate shall commence from the date of suspension from officiating duties or from the date of conviction - whichever occurred first; or
    2. A crime involving the use or threatened use of violence against a person within the last 10 years. The 10-year period of ineligibility to officiate shall commence from the date of suspension from officiating duties or from the date of conviction - whichever occurred first; or
    3. A crime involving a minor child at any time.
  6. The official must complete the annual OSAA concussion training.

The full list of certification requirements can be found in the OSAA Athletic Officials Handbook (AOH).

Concussion Training

All OSAA officials in all sports must complete the annual OSAA concussion training course. Training must be completed before officials are allowed to officiate any contest.
» Course Instructions

OSAA Rules Examinations

Online Exams
Officials must annually pass an online rules exam for each sport they officiate. Testing is administered online through ArbiterSports. Exams are open book; no time limit. Officials have 3 attempts to complete the exam.

Certification Levels and Eligibility Badges

To help officials and Commissioners understand the certification levels for officials listed in AOH Rule 4.2, the ArbiterSports system assigns officials digital eligibility badge icons representing the highest level of certification that official has obtained. The badges correspond to the levels of certification as follows.

Only one badge with the highest level of certification will be shown on ArbiterSports.*

Registered - The official has completed the annual OSAA online officials registration process and passed a criminal conviction history screening (see (e) above). Registered officials who have not obtained a higher level of certification are prohibited from officiating any OSAA sanctioned contest.

Sub-Varsity - The official has met the requirements of a registered official, taken the relevant OSAA sport examination, completed OCEP Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts training, completed the annual OSAA online concussion training, and completed any other required components. Sub-varsity certified officials are not allowed to officiate OSAA sanctioned contests above the sub-varsity level.

Varsity - The official has met the requirements of a sub-varsity official, scored at least 75% on the OSAA sport examination, completed OCEP Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts training, completed the annual OSAA online concussion training, and completed any other required components. Varsity certified officials are allowed to officiate varsity and sub-varsity OSAA sanctioned contests.

Playoff - The official has met the requirements of a varsity official, scored at least 90% on the OSAA sport examination, completed OCEP Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts training, has OCEP Principles certification (see requirements), obtained and has current OCEP Playoff certification (see requirements), and completed any other required components. Playoff certified officials are allowed to officiate any level of OSAA sanctioned contest and OSAA State Championship events.

It is the responsibility of the local officials association to establish membership and assigning criteria. Such additional qualifications may be no less stringent than the requirements established in the Athletic Officials Handbook.

*Note: ArbiterSports assigns eligibility badges twice a day around 11 o'clock. It may take a while for the system to recognize eligibility completion requirements; for example, if an official only recently completes the rules exam, their badge may not appear until up to 12 hours later. The highest level of certification badge will be displayed. If an official obtains the playoff level of certification and receives a black badge icon, they are eligible to officiate sub-varsity, varsity, and playoff contests. However, an official that only has an orange sub-varsity badge cannot be assigned to a varsity level contest.

Officials Certification and Education Program

The OSAA/OAOA Officials Certification and Education Program (OCEP) is designed to ensure that Oregon officials statewide are trained in a consistent and standardized manner. There are three OCEP components:

OCEP Principles Certification

OCEP Principles

Mandatory for All Officials
One-Time Requirement

Must obtain within first 3 years of officiating; attend in-person clinic or take online course

Instructions for Officials
Instructions for Clinicians
OCEP Principles Course Presentation
This principles certification assists new officials in more general concepts such as officiating philosophy, conflict management, officiating ethics, and personal development. All officials must obtain OCEP Principles certification within their first three years of officiating.

OCEP Principles certification is gained by attending an in-person course or clinic approved by the OAOA Executive Board on the basic principles of officiating. Officials can also individually obtain certification by completing the online NFHS Interscholastic Officiating Course (see the Instructions for Officials).

This requirement does not apply to officials certified by the OSAA in 2005-06 or prior; or any transfer official previously licensed or certified by a state high school governing body.

Each local association should conduct an annual OCEP Principles course. It is highly suggested that these courses are offered to other neighboring associations of other sports to have a diverse participant base. For additional information, please refer to the files on the right side of this page.

OCEP Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts Training

OCEP Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts

Mandatory for All Officials
One-Time Requirement

Must complete online training course before officiating
All OSAA contest officials must complete OCEP Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts training. This training course helps officials to be prepared to work collaboratively and act if a discriminatory or harassing incident occurs during an interscholastic event.

This training is a one-time requirement. Officials must complete the "OSAA Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts Training" online course before officiating any level of OSAA-sanctioned contest, including jamborees. The online training course for officials can be accessed through ArbiterSports from the Eligibility page.

Obtaining Certification

  1. Navigate to www.arbitersports.com
  2. Sign in to your ArbiterSports account (same one you used for registration)
  3. Choose the "OSAA - Central Hub" account to work in
  4. Click the "Check Eligibility" link
  5. Under Current Eligibilities, click on a sport eligibility for the current membership year
  6. Scroll down to "OSAA Interrupting & Preventing Discriminatory Acts Training" and click the Take Online Clinic link

OCEP Playoff Certification

OCEP Playoff

Required for OSAA Playoffs
Must Obtain
Recertify to Maintain

Must obtain and be currently certified for playoff level of certification
As part of the Officials Certification and Education Program (OCEP), officials selected to officiate any OSAA State Championship event must have obtained and be currently certified in their sport specific OCEP Playoff certification.

Obtaining Certification

To obtain OCEP Playoff certification, officials shall have completed an OCEP Playoff Certification Clinic, or other camp, clinic, or certifying procedure substantially equivalent and approved by the sport's OSAA State Rules Interpreter. Soccer officials initially obtain OCEP Playoff certification by completing the USSF Grassroots Referee Course.

Recertification Requirement

To maintain and have current OCEP Playoff certification:
  • Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, and Softball officials must recertify every five years via re-obtaining certification as described above.
  • Wrestling officials must recertify every three years via re-obtaining certification as described above.
  • Soccer officials must recertify every year (including the same year in which OCEP Playoff certification is initially obtained) by completing an annual OCEP Soccer Playoff Certification Training Course either hosted by a local association or via online training.

Officials can check their individual OCEP certification status by looking at their ArbiterSports profile/custom fields or in the Eligibility Center.

OSAA State Championship Officials


To officiate any OSAA State Championship event which includes contests in the first round of playoffs through the final contest, officials shall meet each of the following requirements:
  • Be selected by their local officials association*.
  • Be OSAA certified per AOH Rule 4.1.
  • Obtained playoff level certification per AOH Rule 4.2.d.
  • Obtained OCEP Principles certification per AOH Rule 4.3.
  • Obtained and be currently certified in their sport specific OCEP Playoff certification per AOH Rule 10.2.
  • Have a minimum officiating experience at the varsity level (unless granted an exception by the OSAA Executive Director):
    1. At least three years of varsity officiating experience for all sport officials, and
    2. At least five years of varsity soccer officiating experience to be eligible for assignment as the center referee for 6A and 5A OSAA Soccer State Championship events.
  • Be a member of a local association which:
    1. Services 6A or 5A classification schools during the regular season to be eligible to officiate any OSAA State Championship event involving 6A or lower classification schools, or
    2. Services 4A or lower classification schools during the regular season to be eligible to officiate any OSAA State Championship event involving 4A and lower classification schools.
  • Be an official who has officiated:
    1. At least one regular season contest, for all sports, and
    2. At least three regular season contests in each gender and at least four regular season contests using 3-person mechanics in basketball to be eligible for OSAA Basketball State Championship events, or
    3. At least two regular season matches in each gender in soccer to be eligible for OSAA Soccer State Championship events.

*State championship and playoff official selections shall be made by the commissioner or local association with input from the schools serviced by that association. Local associations may impose more restrictive criteria at their discretion regarding selection procedures. Wrestling officials are selected according to the process outlined in AOH Appendix A.

Consecutive Year Representation at Final Sites

Officials may be assigned to OSAA State Championship final sites in consecutive years as follows:
  • Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball - no limitation.
  • Volleyball and Basketball - limit of two consecutive years at any final site, regardless of classification.
  • Wrestling - see AOH Appendix A

Playoff Assignments by Sport/Round

Playoffs Football Volleyball Soccer Basketball Baseball Softball
1st Round Local Assoc. Local Assoc. Local Assoc. Local Assoc. Local Assoc. Local Assoc.
2nd Round Non-Local Assoc. Non-Local Assoc. Non-Local Assoc. Non-Local Assoc. Local Assoc. Local Assoc.
QF Round Non-Local Assoc. OSAA/Final Site Non-Local Assoc. OSAA/Final Site Local Assoc. Local Assoc.
SF Round OSAA/Rotating Assoc. OSAA/Final Site Non-Local Assoc. OSAA/Final Site Non-Local Assoc. Non-Local Assoc.
Consolation - - OSAA/Final Site - - OSAA/Final Site - - - -
Final OSAA/Rotating Assoc. OSAA/Final Site OSAA/Final Site OSAA/Final Site OSAA/Final Site OSAA/Final Site

Local Assoc. - The host school's local officials association will provide an officiating crew.
Non-Local Assoc. - A non-local officials association will provide an officiating crew; any local association servicing more than 7.5% of schools sponsoring the activity shall be considered a non-local association.
OSAA/Rotating Assoc. - The OSAA shall assign an officials association based on a rotating schedule to provide an officiating crew.
OSAA/Final Site - The contest will be played at a final site and officials will be assigned individually by the OSAA.

OSAA Rules, Policies, and Forms for Contests and Officials

Note: OSAA contest officials are not to interpret OSAA rules. Practice/game limitations, player eligibility, and other rules governing schools outside of the NFHS rules of that particular sport do not fall under the purview of contest officials.

Assignments to OSAA Sanctioned Contests

Per OSAA Board Policy, OSAA certified officials are required for all OSAA sanctioned activities at the varsity and junior varsity levels including jamborees*. Contests with participants of differing levels are considered a contest at the higher of the two levels (i.e. a varsity team playing a junior varsity team is considered a varsity level contest). Schools have the responsibility to request permission from their local officials association to use non-certified officials at sub-varsity contests where certified officials are not required.

*Exception: OSAA certified officials are required in baseball and softball at the varsity level only. OSAA certified officials are required in football at all sub-varsity levels.
Sport V JV JV2 FR FR2

Resource Links

These are some of the OSAA policies and forms that relate directly to officials.

NFHS AllAccess

Within 3 to 5 business days after registering as an official, email addresses are uploaded to the new NFHS AllAccess platform by OSAA staff. Registered email addressed will be used to assign free publications to officials based on registered sports. Official will receive an email alert once publications are ready.

NFHS AllAccess

How to Access NFHS Rules Books & Other Publications

Officials can view NFHS publications from the AllAccess platform by visiting allaccess.nfhs.org or by downloading the "NFHS AllAccess" mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.
  1. A printed copy of the sport's rules book and case book (when applicable) are included in the Officials Packet mailed to registered officials.
  2. Additional NFHS publications: rules books, case books, officials manuals, etc. can be purchased from the OSAA Corner Store.
  3. OSAA registered officials can view rules books, case books, officials manuals, and other NFHS publications from NFHS AllAccess on a web-page or on a mobile device:
    1. Go to allaccess.nfhs.org or open the NFHS AllAccess app (see links above)
    2. Log into your NFHS account or register for a new account using the address registered on ArbiterSports.
    3. Once signed in, your assigned publications will appear. Your free books will appear under your subscription after you receive an email confirmation from the NFHS.

State Rules Interpreters

The following people are the State Rules Interpreters (SRI) for their respective sports. Commissioners and officials are encouraged to contact the SRI for rules clarifications.
Football Kevin Hatfield football.sri@osaa.org
Volleyball Gail Dubisar volleyball.sri@osaa.org
Soccer Patrick Duffy soccer.sri@osaa.org
Basketball Cam Rust basketball.sri@osaa.org
Swimming Jacki Allender swimming.sri@osaa.org
Wrestling Danny Anson wrestling.sri@osaa.org
Baseball Tad Cockerill baseball.sri@osaa.org
Softball John Christensen softball.sri@osaa.org
Golf Pete Scholz golf.sri@osaa.org
Cheerleading Haley Thomas cheerleading.sri@osaa.org
Dance/Drill Christine Andersen dance_drill.sri@osaa.org
Cross Country & Track and Field Mike Olsen & Dennis Olafson

Local Officials Associations

The following list shows every local officials association and Commissioner by sport.

For updates, corrections, and additions, please e-mail support@osaa.org.


Blue Mountain Football Officials Association

Michael Lieuallen Eastern

Central Oregon Football Officials Association

Kurt Renstrom Central

Douglas County Football Officials Association

Roy Palmer Southern

Klamath Falls Football Officials Association

Myles Maxey Southern

Lane County Football Officials Association

Mike Whitty Valley

Lower Columbia Football Officials Association

Bob Rose Northwest

Malheur County Football Officials Association (3rd District)

Scott Orr Idaho

Mid-Columbia Football Officials Association

Robert Jamack Gorge

Midwestern Football Officials Association

Cliff Filley Valley

Northeast Oregon Football Officials Association

Pete Caldwell Eastern

Portland Football Officials Association

Carl Haessler Metro

Rogue Valley Football Officials Association

John Campbell Southern

Salem Football Officials Association

Neal Reinen Valley

Southwestern Oregon Football Officials Association

Mark Stephens Coast


Blue Mountain Volleyball

Cathy Lloyd Eastern

Central Oregon Volleyball Association

Kelly Havig Central

Columbia Gorge Volleyball Officials Association

Dave Van Laar Washington

Douglas County Volleyball

Tonia Brewer Southern

Emerald Empire Volleyball Officials

Steve Beard Valley

Greater Portland Volleyball Officials Association

Delores Krumm Metro

Klamath County Volleyball

Patricia Card Southern

Lower Columbia Volleyball Officials

Jocelyn Price Northwest

Malheur County Volleyball Officials Association (3rd District)

Jim Bittick Idaho

Mid-Columbia Volleyball

Joyce Phillips Gorge

Mid-Valley Volleyball Officials Association

Darci Garwood Valley

North Coast Volleyball

Teena Toyas Coast

Northeast Oregon Volleyball

Karen Howton Eastern

Salem Volleyball Officials Association

Ron Burkhart Valley

Southern Oregon Volleyball Officials Association

Joann Hartley Southern

Southwest Oregon Volleyball

Brooke Blondell Coast

Three Rivers Volleyball

Teena Foster Southern


Blue Mountain Soccer

Jace Svaty Eastern

Central Oregon Soccer Officials Association

Mehdi Salari Central

Coos/Brookings Soccer

David Dodgen Coast

Cowlitz County Soccer

Virginia Mahoney Metro

Douglas County Soccer

Khum Moyo Southern

Hermiston Soccer Officials Association

Kain Garcia-Sandoval Eastern

Klamath Soccer Referees

Mark Dodson Southern

Lane County Soccer Referees Association

Cindy Wilgus Valley

Metropolitan Interscholastic Soccer Officials Association

Janet Irigoyen Metro

Mid-Columbia Soccer

Jorge Barajas Gorge

Mid-Valley Soccer Referees Association

Dave Brooks Valley

Salem Soccer Referees Association

Jose Maciel Valley

Southern Oregon Soccer

Xavier Valdes Southern

Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association

Riley Jones Idaho


Blue Mountain Basketball Officials Association

Brian Freels Eastern

Central Oregon Basketball

Mike Gish Central

Columbia Gorge Basketball Officials Association

Dave Van Laar Washington

Douglas County Basketball

Steve Perkins Southern

Grants Pass Basketball

Bradley Bieber Southern

Klamath Falls Basketball

Pete Whisler Southern

Lane County Basketball Officials Association

Greg Kastel Valley

Lower Columbia Basketball Officials Association

Bob Rose Metro

Malheur County Basketball Officials Association

Ted Pettet Eastern

Mid-Columbia Basketball

Scott Peters Gorge

Mid-Valley Basketball Officials Association

Dave Brooks Valley

North Coast Basketball Officials Association

Teena Toyas Coast

Northeast Oregon Basketball

Dave Comfort Eastern

Portland Basketball Officials Association

Cam Rust Metro

Rogue Valley Basketball Officials Association

Joe Mattos Southern

Salem Basketball Officials Association

Robert Bowlin Valley

South Coast Basketball Officials Association

Steve Perkins Coast

Strawberry Basketball

Mark Woodbury Central

Tri-Cities Basketball Officials Association (Boys)

Chris Manolopoulos Washington

Tri-Cities Basketball Officials Association (Girls)

Ben Wutzke Washington


Blue Mountain Wrestling

Dale Freeman Eastern

Central Oregon Wrestling

Floyd Paye Central

Douglas Wrestling

Robert Humbert Southern

Klamath Falls Wrestling

Bob Mahon Southern

Lane County Wrestling

Ralph Davis Valley

Malheur Wrestling Officials Association

Steven Rayborn Idaho

Metro West Wrestling Officials Association

Travis Blasingame Metro

Mid-Valley Wrestling Officials Association

Mark Woosley Valley

Northeast Oregon Wrestling

Doug Hislop Eastern

Portland Wrestling Officials Association

Jeff Zachman Metro

Rogue Valley Wrestling

Lester McFall Southern

Salem Wrestling Officials Association

Rick Wallace Valley

Southwest Oregon Wrestling

Derek Hite Southern


Oregon Cheerleading Judges Association

Haley Thomas Oregon


Blue Mountain Baseball

Rick Jaggars Eastern

Central Oregon Baseball

Tad Cockerill Central

Douglas County Baseball

Steve Dickenson Southern

Klamath Falls Umpires Association

Joel Woodley Southern

Lane County Umpires Association

Paul Saffell Valley

Lower Columbia Baseball

Marc Hewitt Metro

Malheur County Baseball Officials Association (3rd District)

Shannon Bryson Idaho

Mid-Columbia Baseball

Robert Jamack Gorge

Mid-Valley Baseball

Josh MacMillen Valley

North Coast Baseball

Tim Zillman Coast

Northeast Oregon Baseball

Doug Henderson Eastern

Portland Baseball Umpires Association

Steve Weidmann Metro

Rogue Valley Baseball

Jerry Eklund Southern

Salem Baseball Umpires Association

Jon Thompson Valley

Southwest Oregon Umpires Association

Russell Hartley Coast


Blue Mountain Softball

Rick Jaggars Eastern

Central Oregon Softball

Tad Cockerill Central

Douglas County Softball

Steve Dickenson Southern

Klamath Falls Softball

Joel Woodley Southern

Lane County Softball Umpires Association

Dale Shrum Valley

Lower Columbia Softball

Marc Hewitt Metro

Malheur County Softball Officials Association (3rd District)

Ted Pettet Idaho

Mid-Columbia Softball

Robert Jamack Gorge

Mid-Valley Softball

John Garrett Valley

North Coast Softball

Tim Zillman Coast

Northeast Oregon Softball

Doug Henderson Eastern

Portland Softball Umpires Association

Dennis Erickson Metro

Rogue Valley Softball

Ronald Park Southern

Salem Fast Pitch Umpires Association

Denny Palanuk Valley

Southwest Oregon Umpires Association

Russell Hartley Coast

Three Rivers Softball

Mario Torres Jr Southern

Sportsmanship Recognition by Officials

All officials will now have an opportunity to nominate players, teams, coaches, and fans for exhibiting good sportsmanship via a brand-new sportsmanship award program.

You can nominate any school, team, fan section, or coach by quickly using the drop-down boxes and share the outstanding example of sportsmanlike behavior you witnessed. The nomination will then go to the OSAA, who will, in turn, let the school know they were nominated and why. At the end of each sports season the program with the best nomination for sportsmanship for each sport will be announced and that program will earn 100 OSAA Cup points for their school.

Be on the lookout for great examples of sportsmanship and vote today!

Nomination Form

This form is for officials to nominate schools, communities, and individual programs for exhibiting the traits of exemplary sportsmanship. This form is to be filled out for a single school. If you want to nominate both schools in a contest, please fill out a separate form for each school.

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Select an activity

Please provide a brief description of the great sportsmanship that you observed.