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6A Baseball Playoff Qualifications

Rankings Freeze and Play-In Dates Summary

6A Baseball

32-team OSAA bracket

1)       Automatic Qualifiers – Twenty-four teams automatically qualify for the OSAA’s 32-team bracket based on regular season and/or district tournament play.  Each league determines how they will select their allotted playoff spots. 

a)       PIL – 4; Metro – 4; Mt. Hood – 4; Three Rivers – 4; Greater Valley – 4; Southwest – 4

Metro - TBD
Mt. Hood - TBD
Three Rivers - TBD
Greater Valley - TBD
Southwest - TBD

2)       Rankings Freeze Date – The rankings will freeze at 10pm on Saturday, May 12 (includes all games played that day). 

3)       At-Large Qualifiers – Four additional teams qualify for the OSAA’s 32-team bracket based on the OSAA rankings.

a)       Once the rankings are frozen, the four highest ranked teams not already an automatic league qualifier will qualify as At-Large teams.

At-Large #1 - TBD
At-Large #2 - TBD
At-Large #3 - TBD
At-Large #4 - TBD

4)       Play-In Model – Eight teams will qualify as Play-In teams based on the frozen OSAA rankings.

a)       Once the 24 automatic league qualifiers and the four At-Large teams are determined, the next eight highest ranked teams will compete in four Play-In contests on Tuesday, May 15 (leaving May 16 and 17 open in case of inclement weather). 

b)       The eight teams will be ranked 1-8 with the highest ranked team hosting the lowest ranked team.  Same league matchups will be avoided, if possible. When a matchup of two league opponents exist there will be ONE attempt to move the lower ranked team to avoid the match up. If this doesn't solve the problem then the matchup of the two opponents from the same league will take place.   Winners advance to the OSAA 32-team bracket.

#8 @ #1 - TBD
#7 @ #2 - TBD
#6 @ #3 - TBD
#5 @ #4 - TBD

5)       Rankings – Once the 32 qualifying teams are determined, they will be placed on the OSAA bracket according to OSAA Board Policy “State Championships – Rankings.”