FanFood is the Official Digital Concession Solution of the OSAA
FanFood is the Official Digital Concession Solution of the OSAA

CHICAGO, June 26, 2019 -- FanFood, the leading mobile platform for concession ordering, is now recognized as the “Official Digital Concession Solution” for the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA). This provides FanFood marketing exclusivity in the mobile ordering app category for OSAA’s Championship events, offering its member schools the opportunity to adopt a cashless concession management system.

This initiative provides high schools in Oregon with a modern and effective technological solution to improve the fan experience as well as the fundraising outcomes at athletic events. With FanFood, high schools would be able to take the pressure off concession lines, manage all transactions from a single device, and streamline the order fulfillment process.

“Concessions are an integral part of the gameday experience, but waiting in long concession lines can take the fans away from the important action happening on the field,” said Carson Goodale, co-founder and CEO of FanFood. “FanFood is here to make both concession ordering and concession management frictionless, so that fans can enjoy an uninterrupted gameday experience while high schools can increase their concession sales revenue.”

In addition, FanFood will be providing member schools with free educational materials including guides, strategies, and articles related to high school athletics, gameday operations and other industry insights. Athletic Directors and Booster Club members can sign up for FanFood’s weekly newsletter to learn about concession management best practices and fan experience optimization, as compiled by FanFood’s in-house research team.

“FanFood being recognized as the official mobile concession ordering platform is a step for us in the right direction of modernizing concession management in the high school space,” said Peter Weber, Executive Director of the OSAA. “We are looking forward to seeing the transformations this technological solution could bring to both the fans and the schools.”

Along with Oregon, six other states have also recognized FanFood as the official concession mobile ordering solution, including Arizona, California, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada and New Mexico.

About FanFood

FanFood, Inc. ( is a modern mobile concession ordering and management platform at live event venues. The FanFood app allows fans to order concession food from their seats and receive their orders via express pickup or in-seat delivery at their favorite events. We partner with live event venues nationwide to help take pressure off long concession lines, increase sales and increase the overall fan experience. To find out more about FanFood, call (872) 256-0283 or email [email protected].

About the Oregon School Activities Association

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) is a private non-profit, board-governed association comprised of 292 member high schools. A member of the National Federation of State High School Associations, the OSAA annually sponsors 113 team and 426 individual event state championships for students competing in 19 interscholastic activities. For more information, visit or follow @OSAASports on social media.