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OSAAtoday 2022 pre-season 1A (8-player) football coaches poll

OSAAtoday presents its 2022 statewide pre-season 1A (8-player) football poll. Thanks to all the coaches who took the time and had the expertise to contribute their opinions to this endeavor.

Look for the 1A (8-player) football poll every Thursday during the fall season.

Please note: these polls are for generating interest and discussion only and have no impact on the OSAA’s RPI and Colley ratings that form the basis of the OSAA’s rankings for playoff purposes.

If there are any varsity football head coaches who would like to vote in 1A (8-player) coaches polls going forward but did not receive notice to vote in this one, please email [email protected].

1. Adrian (7) 124

2. Powder Valley (1) 99

3. St. Paul (1) 98

4. Lost River (4) 88

5. Crane (1) 83

6. Dufur 68

7. Myrtle Point 43

8. Camas Valley 42

9. Alsea 19

10. Perrydale 16

First-place votes in parentheses

Others receiving significant votes: Enterprise 14; Bonanza 12; Wallowa 11; Imbler 10; Union 10