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The OSAA's Executive Board roster has been finalized for the 2021-22 school year.

New members include Larry Ramirez, Director of High School Education, Salem-Keizer School District; David Nieslanik, Principal, Southridge High School and Matt Combe, Principal, Heppner High School.

Ramirez, was appointed by the OSAA Executive Board for the 6A-5A-4A At-Large Position. Larry has over 20 years experience in high school activities. Larry has served on the OSAA Classification and Redistricting Committee, Sportsmanship Committee and was the OSAA Executive Board President in 2012-13.

Nieslanik, appointed by the Student Activities Advisory Committee, is the Principal at Southridge High School in the Beaverton School District. David has been in the Beaverton School District since 2012 and was the Activities Director at Beaverton High School before his move to Southridge.

In April, the Delegate Assembly voted Matt Combe, Principal at Heppner High School, as the 2A representative on the OSAA Executive Board. Combe has been in education since 1996 and in the Morrow School District since 2004. Combe has served as the Blue Mountain Conference Representative on the Delegate Assembly.

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