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5A Softball Playoff Qualifications

Rankings Freeze and Play-In Dates Summary

5A Softball

16-team OSAA bracket

  1. Automatic QualifiersFourteen teams automatically qualify for the OSAA's 16-team bracket based on regular season and/or district tournament play on or before Saturday, May 20. Each league determines how they will select their allotted playoff spots.
    1. Northwest Oregon – 4; Midwestern – 3; Mid-Willamette - 4; Intermountain – 3

      Northwest Oregon - TBD
      Midwestern - TBD
      Mid-Willamette - TBD
      Intermountain - TBD

    2. Rankings Freeze Date – The rankings will freeze at 10pm on Saturday, May 20.

    3. At-Large QualifierTwo additional teams will qualify for the OSAA's 16-team bracket based on the OSAA rankings. Once the rankings are frozen, the two highest ranked teams not already an automatic league qualifier will qualify as At-Large teams.

      At-Large - TBD
      At-Large - TBD

  2. Rankings – Once the 16 qualifying teams are determined, they will be placed on the OSAA bracket according to OSAA Executive Board Policy “State Championships – Rankings”.