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OSAA Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

OSAA Office Closed

The OSAA office in Wilsonville is closed during this public emergency. Staff are working remotely and can be contacted via email. View the OSAA Staff & Contact Information page for email addresses.

Reopening Guidance

Additional Resources

Oregon School Activities Association

State of Oregon / OHA / ODE

National Federation of State High School Associations

World Health Organization

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Collegiate Athletic Association

NIAAA Resources for Athletic Directors

Sample Facilities Use Policies

Here are some generic facility use policies from the OSBA. Each district can modify one of these generic policies and fine tune it to work for your district.

Sample Waiver Forms

Here are some generic waiver forms to help schools create a form if they so desire.

Media Releases

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Latest OSAA Information

OSAA Update: Memo to Schools

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Memo to Schools (PDF),
Beginning May 26 for the summer
All OSAA member schools (public, private, and charter schools) and
all OSAA sanctioned activities

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions relating to OSAA's policies regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have a question, please contact Peter Weber at peterw@osaa.org or contact the OSAA office at (503) 682-6722.

Updated 6/14/2020 9:40pm

Reopening Guidance

1. Q. Under the Governor's Executive Order 20-20, schools are closed through June 30, does that mean every school is closed until June 30?

A. Beginning May 26, member schools control what they will allow to take place at their school facilities with athletic/activities programs, in accordance with directives from Governor Brown, the Oregon Heath Authority (OHA), and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). Check with your school district prior to any activity.

2. Q. When will the OSAA release phase 3 guidance?

A. The OSAA is waiting for the State of Oregon to release its phased guidance and ours will follow soon after.

3. Q. What liability protections are in place for schools that choose to reopen their facilities to students?

A. Check with your school district regarding insurance and liability concerns prior to any activity.

4. Q. Will the OSAA enforce violations of schools/teams that violate this summer guidance?

A. The guidance is not mandatory or required, but is intended for schools to consider when they choose to reopen activities. Policies such as undue influence, affiliation and heat index remain in effect during the summer.

5. Q. Has the OSAA set a deadline to make a decision regarding Fall sports/activities?

A. The OSAA has not set any deadlines for making decisions about the Fall season. We will inform schools as soon as decisions are made during this fluid situation.

6. Q. Are there any changes to state requirements for pre-participation physical exams?

A. This requirement is not an OSAA policy, but rather part of state statutes. Therefore, any changes must be done by the Legislature. We have suggested a one-year extension for those students whose physical exams were set to expire in the 2020-21 school year and are awaiting action on that proposal. Students who haven't had a physical (incoming freshmen, students who haven't competed previously) will still need to have one completed prior to participation. OSAA will notify schools of any changes as soon as possible.

7. Q. Will there be additional guidance sent out regarding Emergency Action Plans (EAP)?

A. EAPs already prepare for the potential of cardiac arrest and any other type of collapse. Schools should review their current EAPs, make sure individuals are trained and that an AED is available.

8. Q. Will the OSAA Fall Administrator Workshops in August be in-person or via webinar?

A. It is the intention of the OSAA to have these meetings in-person throughout the state, but we will also have a plan in place if we need to change to a webinar format.

Reopening Guidance - Phase 1

1. Q. Are face coverings required?

A. The guidance recommends the use of a face covering. Check with your school district prior to any activity.

2. Q. Is it 10 students per sport or 25 students per sport?

A. The guidance is no more than 25 people per gathering. Within the gathering, the guidance is cohorts/pods of 10 students or less.

3. Q. Are schools able to have multiple gatherings of 25 spread throughout the campus (i.e. 25 on the stadium field, 25 in the gym, 25 on the softball field, 10 in the weight room, etc.)?

A. The guidance does allow for multiple gatherings on a school's campus provided that physical distancing is maintained. Check with your school district prior to any activity.

4. Q. May a coach utilize a classroom for instruction to a group of 10 students or less?

A. The guidance does allow for this depending on the size of the room and the ability to maintain physical distancing. Check with your school district prior to any activity.

5. Q. Will testing be required?

A. The guidance recommends temperature checks for pre-screening purposes. Check with your school district prior to any activity.

6. Q. Should schools have an athletic trainer (AT) checking temperatures prior to a session?

A. The guidance recommends taking temperatures prior to participation but does not require that it be done by an athletic trainer (AT). Check with your school district prior to any activity.

Reopening Guidance - Phase 2

1. Q. How often can pods be reset?

A. Ideally pods of students would be in place for at least a week, and longer if possible, to limit overall exposures.

2. Q. What are the limit numbers for both indoor and outdoor activities during Phase 2?

A. No gatherings of more than 50 people at a time indoors or 100 outdoors in a single facility/field.

3. Q. Has there been any discussion about the use of participation waivers specifically related to COVID-19?  (Perhaps similar to the concussion statements that families need to sign now before athletic participation.)

A. Many school districts are working with their risk management staff to put together waivers. Schools are encouraged to send sample waivers to the OSAA and we'll post them to our website as a resource.

4. Q. How long are we expected to be in Phase 2? If we stay in Phase 2 for a long time (e.g. most of next school year) will we have new/updated OSAA guidance along the way if things change a little bit (e.g. Phase 2.5 guidelines for specific sports)?

A. Per the Governor's Office and OHA, each phase will last at least 21 days. There is the possibility of updated OSAA guidance if Phase 2 extends later in the summer.

5. Q. When will a concrete/specific decision be made about playing fall football, soccer, cross-country, etc.?

A. The OSAA hasn't set a specific date by which a decision will be made regarding fall sports/activities. We plan to continue meeting with our Executive Board on a regular basis and provide updates throughout the summer.

6. Q. Would the OSAA consider flipping fall and spring sports?

A. OSAA's Contingency Groups have discussed this concept, along with many others. The groups are continuing to explore available options as more information becomes available.

7. Q. If our county has been in phase 1 since May, can we begin our athletic reopening on June 29th at the Phase 2 level?

A. Summer sports/activities should adhere to the phase their county is currently at in the reopening.

8. Q. Can multi-sport athletes be in different pods in each sport, even though these pods will look different?

A. Multi-sport athletes are able to be in different pods for different sports. It is recommended that multi-sport athletes don't participate in multiple sports in the same day for the first two weeks back to workouts/practice for acclimatization purposes.

9. Q. Our schools are shut down until July 1, due to insurance issues. Can our coaches still work with their kids off campus without any issues?

A. Schools should consult with their district administration and legal counsel regarding coaches working off campus with students during this time.

10. Q. If a limited number of coaches exist for a team, may a coach work with different pods during the same workout? Is this okay due to limited resources?

A. OHA's Summer Camp Guidance allows for an adult to be a "floater" between pods, but this is designed more for management than direct coaching. Coaches should limit their interaction with multiple pods if possible.


1. Q. Are music auditions allowed at this time?

A. Yes, provided that the music auditions are used to place a student in the appropriate academic class (co-curricular) for next school year as defined by the scope and sequence of the course. Music auditions cannot eliminate students from participation in the music programs. If access to an audition is challenging for a student with the Distance Learning for All procedures that are in place, then an accommodation should be made to allow for the student to audition in the Fall of 2020.

2. Q. May coaches organize or require tryouts?

A. Tryouts and mandatory practices are not allowed. Schools may share information and routines for assessments, choreography, team development, or to gauge interest. Tryouts may be held starting August 17.

Academic Eligibility

1. Q. Are 2019-20 high school seniors eligible to return and participate in OSAA sanctioned activities during the 2020-2021 school year?

A. OSAA activities are education-based and exist as an extension of the classroom. Current OSAA policy regarding duration of eligibility is based on four consecutive years (eight semesters or the equivalent) for each student after entering the 9th grade, not on seasonal participation opportunities.

2. Q. How does Pass/Fail affect NCAA eligibility and admittance into higher education? And is the NCAA also upholding the pass/incomplete or will student athletes need a letter grade?

A. The OSAA has does not interpret eligibility rules and policies for the NCAA and NAIA schools. Please address these questions to the NCAA at 1-877-622-2321 or their websites: www.ncaa.org and www.ncaa.org/sport-science-institute/coronavirus-covid-19. The NCAA Eligibility Center also has a phone line for students and parents at 1-877-262-1492. The NAIA schools information can be found at www.naia.org/covid19 or the NAIA Eligibility Center phone number at 816-595-8300.

3. Q. How does the state's Distance Learning for All initiative affect future high school academic eligibility for current 9th - 11th graders?

A. ODE recently released its 9th‐11th grade guidance which maintained the current Oregon Diploma subject‐area and credit requirements for the Class of 2021, 2022, and 2023. The guidance also requires Pass/Incomplete grading for Spring 2020 and states that students who were earning a passing mark in a course prior to school closure should not be academically penalized. Students who receive incompletes and/or aren't able to earn enough passing marks but have been unable to access Distance Learning for All due to circumstances beyond their control, will be able to seek an academic waiver through the OSAA's standard process. In accordance with the spirit of ODE's guidance, the Executive Board has instructed OSAA Staff to continue to err on the side of students when ruling on these specific academic requests.

4. Q. My student wasn't able to participate this Spring and we'd like them to repeat this school year so they don't lose a season of participation. Will my student be eligible for athletics/activities participation?

A. OSAA activities are education-based and exist as an extension of the classroom. Current OSAA policy regarding duration of eligibility is based on four consecutive years (eight semesters or the equivalent) for each student after entering the 9th grade, not on seasonal participation opportunities. Based on ODE guidance regarding grading and access to credits, seniors are going to be able to graduate this Spring and 9th-11th graders will be able to earn credits toward graduation. A local school may allow a senior to return next year but the student wouldn't be eligible for activities participation. Reclassifying a 9th-11th grade student to repeat the same grade will not change the student's duration of eligibility per OSAA rules.