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OSAA Awards

Academic All-State


Teams that earn a 3.0 GPA or higher will receive 25 points for their school in The Oregonian Cup standings. A list of all teams with a 3.0 GPA or higher will also be posted to the OSAA website.

Previous Winners

Overall Winners by Activity for 1997-2007 (PDF)

About This Award

This program recognizes outstanding achievement in the classroom. The boys and girls team in each OSAA-sanctioned activity with the highest team grade point average (G.P.A.) earns the Academic All-State Award. Each member of a winning team receives a much-coveted sweatshirt, commemorative pin and a certificate. The school receives a plaque in honor of its team. Members of top ten schools in each activity at each classification are also recognized with a commemorative pin.

The Oregonian Cup

Sponsored by The Oregonian, the Northwest's largest daily circulation newspaper

About This Award

The Oregonian Cup began in 1999 as a way to recognize overall excellence by schools in academics, activities and athletics. The Oregonian began sponsoring the award in February 2002. The award honors a school's students, teachers, coaches and the entire school community.

Schools earn points based on their participation and finish in OSAA State Championships and for Top 10 finishes in the OSAA Academic All-State Program, sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Oregon. A sportsmanship component, whereby schools are awarded points each season for having no ejections, is included as well. The points are updated and released at the end of Fall and Winter seasons and totaled at the end of the year. The school earning the highest points in each classification receives a commemorative trophy from The Oregonian and the OSAA.

Oregonian Cup Point System

The Oregonian Cup recognizes overall school excellence in academics, activities, athletics and sportsmanship. The guiding force behind these point breakdowns is that every school that has a team or individual qualify for our state championships deserves point recognition. The amount of points is meant to be equitable across all activities with differences based on the number of teams and/or individuals participating. Teams that win a state championship will earn the same points regardless of the activity.


Schools receive points for having teams participate in the Dairy Farmers of Oregon Academic All-State program. Schools receive 25 points for a team with a 3.0+ average but not in the Top 10. Schools with teams in the Top 10 in an activity receive points using the scoring breakdown listed above. The overall winner in an activity receives 200 points. Schools with teams that finish atop a classification but not overall receive 175 points. Ties for the overall winner or first place in a classification are awarded the same points. All other ties are split between the places. 50% of all academic points earned will be counted toward the final Oregonian Cup standings.


A sportsmanship component was added to the calculations in 2001-2002. Schools receive 200 points per season (Fall, Winter, Spring) for having no ejections. 100 points is subtracted from a school's total for each varsity ejection of a player or coach (regardless if the ejection is appealed.)

Scoring for Team Sports, Individual Sports, and Activities with Team Standings

Single Placings

1st Place 200 Points
2nd Place 150 Points
3rd Place 140 Points
4th Place 120 Points
5th Place 110 Points
6th Place 100 Points
7th Place 90 Points
8th Place 80 Points
9th Place 75 Points
10th Place 70 Points
11th Place 65 Points
12th Place 60 Points

13th Place 50 Points
14th Place 45 Points
15th Place 40 Points
16th Place 35 Points
17th+ Place 25 Points

Grouped Placings

3rd-4th Places 130 Points
5th-8th Places 95 Points
7th-8th Places 85 Points
9th-16th Places 55 Points

Individuals in Individual Activities

Each individual who qualifies for the state championships in Cross Country, Swimming, Wrestling, Speech, Solo Music, Golf, Tennis, and Track & Field receives an automatic 10 points for his/her school, up to a maximum of 25 points for a school in an activity. Relay teams in Swimming and Track & Field get 10 points total, not 10 per relay member. Individual participants in Golf and Cross Country can earn additional points for a high finish, (30% of what a team would earn for that place in that event.) For example, an individual placing first in a golf championship receives 60 points for his/her school (60 points is 30% of 200 points.)

Leveling the Playing Field

Fall Winter Spring
6A 10 24 42
5A 10 24 40
4A 9 21 36
3A 7 15 24
2A 6 12 21
1A 4 10 12

Similar to scoring systems in other states, we don't want the winning school to just be the school that offers the most activities. For this reason we limit the number of events for which a school can earn points each season (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Once a school has reached the maximum number of events in a particular season, we delete the events in which they scored the least amount of points to reach the maximum number. Limits vary by classification as many schools in lower classifications don't offer every activity. For example a 5A school earning points in 12 different activities in the Fall will have its two lowest point totals dropped for that season. Dropped points from one season can be applied to another season up to the maximum number of activities.

Oregonian Cup Past Winners

  • 2012-13 - Jesuit, West Albany, La Salle Prep, Valley Catholic, Portland Christian, Triad School
  • 2011-12 - Jesuit, Summit, Sisters, Valley Catholic, East Linn Christian, Triad School
  • 2010-11 - Jesuit, Marist, Philomath, St. Mary's, Riverdale, The Triad School
  • 2009-10 - Jesuit, West Albany, Marist, Santiam Christian, St. Mary's, The Triad School
  • 2008-09 - Jesuit, Summit, Marist, Santiam Christian, St. Mary's, The Triad School
  • 2007-08 - Jesuit, Crescent Valley, Marist, Santiam Christian, St. Mary's, The Triad School
  • 2006-07 - Jesuit, Crescent Valley, Marist, Burns, St. Mary's, The Triad School
  • 2005-06 - Jesuit, Marist, Santiam Christian, The Triad School
  • 2004-05 - Jesuit, Marist, Santiam Christian, Damascus Christian
  • 2003-04 - North Medford, Marist, Santiam Christian, Wallowa
  • 2002-03 - (tie) Grant/Sheldon, La Grande, Santiam Christian, Damascus Christian
  • 2001-02 - Sheldon, Wilsonville, Santiam Christian, Ione
  • 2000-01 - (tie) Crescent Valley/Klamath Union, La Grande, Santiam Christian, Ione
  • 1999-00 - Jesuit, Marist, Santiam Christian, Ione

Moda Health Player of the Game / Athlete of the Meet

2013-14 Moda Health Players of the Game / Athlete of the Meet

Moda Health Players of the Game will be announced at the conclusion of each state championship.


Cross Country State Championships

6A - Boys
Kyle Thompson, Central Catholic
5A - Boys
Matthew Maton, Summit
4A - Boys
Mitchell Butler, Siuslaw
3A/2A/1A - Boys
David Ribich, Enterprise / Joseph / Wallowa
6A - Girls
Lila Donaghu, Grant
5A - Girls
Hannah Gindlesperger, Summit
4A - Girls
Shaylen Crook, Marshfield
3A/2A/1A - Girls
McKenzie Evans, Union / Cove


Volleyball Championship Final Matches

Saskia McNairy, Lakeridge
Ramey Gardner, Central Catholic
Alycia Wodke, Willamette
Payton Rund, West Albany
Haley Nelson, Cascade
Hannah Troutman, Crook County
Madison Gravely, Santiam Christian
Katherine Jesse, Valley Catholic
Malia Mills, Imbler
Ellie Logan, Condon / Wheeler
Jazmyn Herrington, Days Creek
Kaylynn Hixenbaugh, Reedsport


Soccer Championship Final Games

6A - Boys
Christopher Chertude, Jesuit
Peter Bergmann, Central Catholic
5A - Boys
Alex Bowlin, Summit
Tuan Nguyen, Hood River Valley
4A - Boys
Colton Mannhalter, Sisters
James Goheen, Henley
3A/2A/1A - Boys
Matthew Sipowicz, Oregon Episcopal
William Lee, St. Mary's, Medford
6A - Girls
Jill Farley, Tualatin
Payten Sonnen, Sunset
5A - Girls
Christina Edwards, Summit
Kenna Meinhart, Wilson
4A - Girls
Lucy Davidson, Scappoose
Alissa Welberg, La Grande
3A/2A/1A - Girls
Ella Turkot, Valley Catholic
Carolyn Ruoff, Oregon Episcopal


Football Semifinal/Final Games

6A - Semifinals
Chase Morrison, Jesuit
Cole Thompson, Canby

Cameron Scarlett, Central Catholic
AJ Hotchkins, Tigard
5A - Semifinals
Cole Chandler, Silverton
Jake LaCoste, West Albany

Danial White, Ashland
Keegan Lawrence, Sherwood
4A - Semifinals
Boomer Fleming, Ridgeview
Trent Hardin, Philomath

Cam Lucero, North Bend / Oregon Coast Technology
Scotty Hitner, Cottage Grove
3A - Semifinals
Austin Wagstaff, Nyssa
Tyler Clark, Dayton

Zac Jacobs, Vale
Cody Parker, Cascade Christian
2A - Semifinals
Caleb Batease, Grant Union
Paul Pepelaskov, Portland Christian

Brian Rill, Heppner
Jeremiah Grieser, Regis
1A - Semifinals
Hayden Wilkinson, Triangle Lake
Kyle Johnson, Imbler

Caleb Lindsey, Camas Valley
Josh Cardwell, Lowell
6A - Final
Ryan Nall, Central Catholic
Chase Morrison, Jesuit
5A - Final
Jake LaCoste, West Albany
Keegan Lawrence, Sherwood
4A - Final
Jack Bowman, Ridgeview
Brandon Boxberger, Cottage Grove
3A - Final
Cody Parker, Cascade Christian
Austin Wagstaff, Nyssa
2A - Final
Kody Nelson, Grant Union
Blake Minten, Regis
1A - Final
Joe Griffin, Imbler
Josh Cardwell, Lowell


Swimming State Championships

6A - Boys
Patrick Mulcare, Southridge
5A - Boys
Tommy Brewer, Summit
Carlos Hunnicutt, Springfield
4A/3A/2A/1A - Boys
Caleb Leczel, Cottage Grove
6A - Girls
Sara Metzsch, Century
5A - Girls
Julia Bush, Sherwood
4A/3A/2A/1A - Girls
Breanna Sapienza, Cascade Christian


Wrestling State Championships

Casey Coulter, Grants Pass
Alex Rich, Crescent Valley
Tyler Berger, Crook County
Hans Rockwell, Riverside
Phillip Morgan, Bonanza


Basketball Championships

6A - Boys
Anthony Mathis, West Linn
Brandon Robertson, South Medford
Cameron English, South Medford
Daniel Nelson, Jesuit
Deante Strickland, Central Catholic
Gabe Matthews, South Salem
Hunter Bradford, South Medford
Jack Nadelhoffer, Jesuit
Jamel Merriweather, South Salem
Jeff Bieber, Sunset
Keaton Bankofier, Clackamas
Mikey Fey, Sunset
Mitch Herbert, Sheldon
Mitchell Fink, Clackamas
Nick Nestell, Sheldon
Payton Pritchard, West Linn
Ryan Bay, Jesuit
Ryan Nall, Central Catholic
Seth Erickson, South Salem
Tyler Guttierez, Sunset
5A - Boys
Kadeem Strickland, Jefferson
Zach Reichle, Wilsonville
JJ Stewart, West Albany
Jorge Quintero, Eagle Point
Aubrey Stephens, Madison
Lucas Johnson, Sherwood
Malik Morgan, Churchill
Jacob Parsons, Bend
Wyatt Beaumarchais, Bend
Jordan Kurahara, Sherwood
Tyler Hieb, Wilsonville
Nate Sherwood, West Albany
Mak Hutson, Madison
Silas Melson, Jefferson
David Shedrick, Churchill
4A - Boys
Ben DeSaulnier, Philomath
Brody Gipson, Cottage Grove
Cameron Lyon, North Valley
Chris Morsa, North Valley
Colby Mueller, Henley
Garrett Boyce, Cottage Grove
Jackson Januik, Seaside
Jake Powell, La Grande
Joey Hancock, Tillamook
Josh Overstreet, Henley
Keeston Smith, La Salle Prep
Matt D'Amore, La Salle Prep
Nick Richardson, Seaside
Troy Williams, La Grande
Tyson Wicklander, La Grande
Zane Wright, Tillamook
3A - Boys
Aaron Cesaro, Cascade Christian
Austin Jones, Creswell
Christian Oleary, Creswell
Cody Coggins, Cascade Christian
Dax Wilson, Harrisburg
Devin McShane, Amity
Gabe Taylor, Valley Catholic
Kesomi Palaki, Portland Adventist Academy
Kyle Ruiz, Blanchet Catholic
Lance Nelson, Amity
Larry Kemp, De La Salle North Catholic
Patrick Counts, Blanchet Catholic
Ryan Halversen, Portland Adventist Academy
Seth Knox, Cascade Christian
Tel Jones, Harrisburg
Trent Torkelsen, Portland Adventist Academy
2A - Boys
Adrian Angel, Stanfield
Adrian Romero, Irrigon
Arthur Colleu, Central Linn
Blake Minten, Regis
Bryce Linker, Stanfield
Caleb Munyentwali, Canyonville Christian Academy
Carter Ellis, Days Creek
Daniil Soloshenko, Canyonville Christian Academy
Dylan Grogan, Stanfield
Ernesto Aguilera, Irrigon
Jeb Harper, Oakland
Kolby Orrison, Days Creek
Michael Yard, Oakland
Roy Benzel, Oakland
Victor Hess, Western Mennonite
Victor Rodriguez, Regis
Will Smith, Central Linn
Wyatt Roth, Western Mennonite
1A - Boys
Arkadig Mrtychyan, Columbia Christian
Chad Steinhauer, Triangle Lake
Chase Dixon Powder, Valley
Chase Parker, Triangle Lake
Dalton Hughes, Ione
Eli Bowers, Imbler
Jailin Conboy, Ione
Kameron Chatman, Columbia Christian
Luke Jobes, Ione
Luke Moody, Columbia Christian
Marcus Pratt, Powder Valley
Mason Bloomster, Horizon Christian
Matt Totaro, Horizon Christian
Matthew Gille, Crosshill Christian
Quinn Stephens, Powder Valley
Ryan DeJager, Crosshill Christian
Trace Vancleave, Imbler
Wyatt Stanford, Jordan Valley
Wyatt Trautman, Jordan Valley
6A - Girls
Alyssa Christiansen, Beaverton
Ashley Bolston, South Medford
Bendu Yeaney, St. Mary's Academy
Cece Wooten, St. Mary's Academy
Danielle Hartzog, Beaverton
Erica Pagano, Clackamas
Evina Westbrook, South Salem
Gigi Stoll, Beaverton
Jaime Nared, Westview
Jessica Gertz, Oregon City
Jordan Woodvine, South Salem
Kaitlyn Reiner, Clackamas
Keyari Sleezer, South Medford
Lexi Carter, Tigard
Martina McCowan, St. Mary's Academy
Toria Bradford, Oregon City
5A - Girls
Corey James, West Albany
Ellen Berkley, Wilson
Jenna Morch, Lebanon
Jessica McClay, Bend
Kendall Kramer, Bend
Kyia Duval, West Albany
Leslie Robinson, Corvallis
Lexi Bando, Willammette
Lisa Sylvester, Bend
Maci Benedict, Lebanon
Madison Horn, Wilson
Mallory Shields, Sherwood
McKenzie Byrd, Hermiston
Sami Osborne, Willamette
Shelby Sanders, Hermiston
4A - Girls
Aleah Goodman, La Salle Prep
Amber Lease, Mazama
Auslin McDaniel-Perrin, La Grande
Britanny Kochenderfer, Henley
Courtney Kay, Brookings-Harbor
Drew Farmer, Brookings-Harbor
Kaitlin Lewis, Seaside
Kayce Mock, Sutherlin
Kylin Collman, La Grande
Maddi Utti, Seaside
Megan Morris, Mazama
Natalie Delonge, Henley
Olivia Gulliford, Sutherlin
Sterling Swift, La Salle Prep
Teagen Whistler, Henley
Tierra Stephenson, Philomath
3A - Girls
Alicia Dearixon, Corbett
Amanda Hatley, Glide
Bailey Gregory, Vale
Beatriz Ramirez, Nyssa
Breanna Bronson, Creswell
Chase Bohman, Creswell
Emily Alvarez, St. Mary's, Medford
Kali Vickery, Glide
Katlyn Hashagen, Nyssa
Lindsie LaBonte, Valley Catholic
Madisen Eusted, Creswell
Madison Johnson, Vale
Molly Danielson, Valley Catholic
Rose Alvarez, St. Mary's, Medford
Simone Ballard, Corbett
Taylor Patterson, Corbett
Whitney Anderson, Willamina
2A - Girls
Alisha Clark, Santiam
Beth Lorenz, Regis
Caitlin Zyph, Pilot Rock
Cezanne Brunner, Portland Christian
Dani Baker, North Douglas
Demi Guild, Portland Christian
Emily Parks, Lost River
Emma Gibb, Western Mennonite
Hannah Thompson, Santiam
Harlie Davidson, Santiam
Jenna Christenson, Western Mennonite
Jesse Morris, Regis
Keesha Sarman, Union
Lexie Turner, Lost River
Madison Dave, Pilot Rock
Megan Parks, Lost River
Monica Webb, Regis
Sarah Good, Union
Savanna Mast, North Douglas
1A - Girls
Alexa Macias, Dufur
Amy Black, Prairie City
Ana Wakefield Damascus, Christian
Cassidy Merten, St. Paul
Deana Harris, Condon / Wheeler
Ellie Logan, Condon / Wheeler
Glennie Milhum, Crane
Hanna Forrar, Damascus Christian
Kailey Kell, Prairie City
Kennedy Nofziger, Country Christian
Kiana Brown, Triangle Lake
Mariah Stueland, Country Christian
Morgan Corrigan, Crane
Remy Brentano, St. Paul
Taylor Darden, Dufur
Teneilla McDonald, Dufur


Golf State Championships

6A - Boys
Cole Madey, Lake Oswego
5A - Boys
Kevin Geniza, Crescent Valley
4A - Boys
Brandon Ellwanger, Baker
3A/2A/1A - Boys
Dylan Wu, St. Mary's (Medford)
6A - Girls
Haleigh Krause, Sheldon
5A - Girls
Madison Odiorne, Summit
4A/3A/2A/1A - Girls
Kylie Collom, Henley


Track & Field Championships

6A - Boys
Connor McLean, Clackamas
5A - Boys
Liam Henshaw, Marist
4A - Boys
Grant Lindley, Central
3A - Boys
Lane Hadley, Lakeview
2A - Boys
DiSean Hernandez, Central Linn
1A - Boys
Austin McNichols, Lowell
6A - Girls
Danelle Woodcock, Barlow
5A - Girls
Tieara Norman, Milwaukie
4A - Girls
Kerissa D'Arpino, North Valley
3A - Girls
Justyce Smith, Riverside
2A - Girls
Loghan Sprauer, Kennedy
1A - Girls
Ellie Logan, Condon / Wheeler


Softball Championship Final Games

Kelly Burdick, South Salem
Katie Donovan, South Salem
Jocilynn Ellis, North Medford
Katie Ramsey, North Medford
Sarah Abramson, Putnam
Hailey Kline, Pendleton
Tara Moates, Henley
Colette Robert, McLoughlin
Sasha Morcom, Vale
Shelby Saylors, Rainier
Ross Anderson, Bonanza
Jaiden Wright, Union / Cove


Baseball Championship Final Games

Jared Evans, North Medford
Kellen Strahm, Sheldon
Carson Dwyre, Sandy
Skyler Hunter, Hood River Valley
Jon Guzman, Henley
Justin Harrer, Sisters
Cory Finlay, Glide
Kyle Ferguson, Cascade Christian
Austin Crowson, Monroe
Chuck Simmons, Weston-McEwen / Griswold

OSAA Foundation Scholar Program


About This Award

The OSAA Foundation sponsors the Scholar Program, focusing on graduating seniors at OSAA member schools. Seniors who have achieved a 3.50 or higher cumulative GPA and earned a varsity letter in an OSAA-sanctioned sport (Scholar Athletes) or competed in an OSAA-sanctioned activity (Activity Scholars) are eligible. Each senior receives a certificate of achievement from the OSAA. Graduating seniors who earned varsity letters or participated in activities during freshman, sophomore or junior years, but not during senior year, are still eligible.

OSAA-sanctioned sports: Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Wrestling, Swimming, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Baseball and Softball

OSAA-sanctioned activities: Cheerleading, Dance/Drill, Speech, Solo Music, Choir, Band, Orchestra


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student earn both a Scholar Athlete and an Activity Scholar certificate?
Yes, students are eligible to receive both certificates if he/she meets the criteria.

Can we get certificates for students who have participated in water polo or lacrosse?
No, the OSAA Scholar Program only recognizes students who have participated in OSAA-sanctioned activities (see above listing).

We Are #1!

OSAA "We Are #1!" Student Section Video Contest

» Video Contest Rules
» Deadline: March 16, 2014

Congratulations to Klamath Union High School on winning the 2013-14 "We Are #1!" video contest! Check out all the top 5 videos on the OSAA YouTube Channel.

OSAA Sportsmanship Award

2013-14 Award Winners

  • 6A/5A Winner: St. Mary's Academy
  • 4A/3A Winner: Harrisburg High School
  • 2A/1A Winner: Joseph High School

2012-13 Award Winners

  • 6A Winner: Canby High School
  • 5A Winner: Hood River Valley High School
  • 4A Winner: McLoughlin High School
  • 3A Winner: Illinois Valley High School
  • 2A Winner: Western Mennonite High School
  • 1A Winner: Imbler High School
» 2012-13 League Selections and Classification Winners

About This Award

The second annual Sportsmanship Award is to be awarded in the spring of 2014. All member schools are eligible for this award and are subject to review by the schools in their regular districts.

Each regular district is to submit one member high school as their sportsmanship award winner to the OSAA by 4 p.m., Friday, May 2, 2014. It is up to each regular district to select the school that best exemplifies what sportsmanship means and to represent their district in the first annual OSAA Sportsmanship Award. All regular district winners will be recognized on the OSAA website.

The OSAA Sportsmanship Award will be given to one school in each classification. The overall winner in each classification will receive a Sportsmanship Banner to hang in their school and a $1,000 award from the OSAA.

Regular Districts may base their selection on their own criteria, or on the criteria set-forth in the OSAA Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form, while also referencing the general expectations in the Spectator Conduct policy. Once the district recipient reaches the final round they will fall subject to the following criteria in order to determine the classification winner.

Officials will have the opportunity to provide feedback for the Sportsmanship Award by using the OSAA Sportsmanship Nomination Form. Officials are encouraged to provide feedback in regards to all positive experiences they have officiating.

The Sportsmanship Review Committee (OADA Executive Board, along with a representative from the OSAA staff and the OAOA Executive Board) will review all Regular District winners submitted. It is up to the Committee to determine classification winners. Note that if a member of the Committee has a conflict of interest, they will remove themselves from the selection process for that particular classification.

Primary OSAA Sportsmanship Award Criteria

  • Exemplary behavior by the students, coaches, administrators, fans, parents, and community at OSAA events.
  • Administrators' ability to enforce the Spectator Conduct policy.
  • Number and type of unsportsmanlike ejections. Please note: If a school has a coach who was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct during the 2013-14 school year, that school is not eligible for this award. Multiple athlete ejections from one school during the 2013-14 school year may eliminate said school from receiving this award as well.
  • League feedback.
  • Number of nominations submitted for a particular school-within their regular district and outside of their regular district. NOTE: A school may not nominate themselves.
  • Sportsmanship Nomination Forms submitted by OAOA.

The OSAA is excited to honor those schools that exhibit exemplary sportsmanship throughout the year. Help the OSAA honor those commendable schools through the OSAA Sportsmanship Award.

Nomination Form

Any school may nominate another school at any time during the year for the Sportsmanship Award. Reminder, no school may nominate themselves. Schools are especially encouraged to nominate schools that fall outside of their Regular District. If a parent, fan, or community member would like to fill out a Nomination Form they may do so but must obtain a signature from an administrator of their respective school in order for the form to be validated and used in the review process. Again, a parent, fan, or community member may not nominate their respective school.

To nominate a school for the OSAA Sportsmanship Award, simply complete the following form and submit to Marci McGillivray, Associate Director, marcim@osaa.org.

» OSAA Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form

OSAA Distinguished Service Award

About This Award

The OSAA Distinguished Service Award is presented to individuals and groups who, through their commitment and devotion to high school students, have made a tremendous impact on interscholastic activities. In grateful appreciation of their outstanding service and unselfish devotion to interscholastic activities, the OSAA has proudly recognized the following with its Distinguished Service Award.


2012-13   Jan Halverson OSAA Cheerleading State Championships Director
2011-12   Dave Becker Band/Orchestra, Solo Music
    Charles "Chuck" Bolton Band/Orchestra Director
    Hank Mako Official
2010-11   Clark Sanders Football Official
    Karen Meats Volleyball Official / Commissioner
    Mike Wallmark OSAA Associate Executive Director
2009-10   Marv Heater Lifetime Achievement
2007-08   Eagle Crest Resort Golf State Championships
    Dr. Thomas VanVeen Medical Aspects of Sport Committee
2006-07   Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District Tennis
    Osborn Aquatic Center Swimming
2004-05   Jane Berry-Eddings Speech Championship Director
    Dick Weisbrodt Wrestling
2003-04   Harland Yriarte Lane Community College AD, Track Coach, Cross Country Coach
    Corvallis High School 3A Basketball Consolation Game Site, 1999-2003
    Pendleton High School 2A Basketball Consolation Game Site, 1999-2003
2002-03   Howard Mayo Commissioner, Official - Basketball
  Dairy Farmers of Oregon Academic All-State Program
2001-02   John Hilsenteger 26 years of service to OSAA
    Delance Duncan Wrestling
2000-01   Gordon Tjernlund State Choir Director
1999-2000   Joan Arens Volleyball Commissioner, Official
  Dr. Thad Stanford Sports Medicine
1998-99   Virginia Yankoskie Service to OSAA
1997-98   David Fluaitt Volunteer, Contributor
  Wayne Gessford Speech
    Bob Burns Contributions, State Department of Education
    Ken Servas Contributions
1996-97   Pete Russo 4A Wrestling
  Marva Harris Speech
  Gordon McKinster Basketball Statistician
    Joe Hickey, George Walker & Staff Glendoveer Golf Course
  Bob Flood Basketball Official, Football Commissioner
    Sony Long Tennis Contributor, 1970-96
1995-96   Rich Brown 1980-1994
  Leonard Federico 1980-1995
  George Milionis 1980-1995
    Marv Hiebert 1954-1996
  Coos Bay Lions Club Boys Basketball-1955-70, Girls Basketball-1976-78, Wrestling-1990-96
  Baker City Visitors & Convention Bureau 1974-96
  Pendleton Jaycees 1975-96
  Salem Noon Optimists 1979-96
    Eugene Active 20-30 1971-96
1994-95   Andi Miller Contributor
    Dr. Charles T. Weeks 2A Basketball Tournament Director
    Juanita Driskill 1982-1995
  Jim Gibbons 1984-1994
    Mary Richardson Golf
1993-94   Joan Duckering Girls Tennis Tournament Director
  Jim Flynn Boys Tennis Tournament Director
    Woody Parker Service, 1978-1994
  Dan Duffy Volunteer, Contributor
    Boots Duffy Softball Commissioner, Volunteer, Contributor
1992-93   Steve Arena KATU, Support of Athletics
    Gary Hammond Support of OSAA, Contributor
  Jim Moriarty Official, Commissioner, Football
    Dr. Charles Dailey Track Starter since 1948
1991-92   Bill Malflur Support of Athletics/OSAA
  Lloyd Drake Outstanding Service and Contributions
    Andy Clark Official, Commissioner, Soccer
    Leo Marty Athletic Trainer, Suppport of Athletics/OSAA
1990-91   Bill Cook Support of Athletics, Contributor
  Jerry Laurens Official, Commissioner, Football
    Don Swartz 3A Basketball
    Larry Gordon KHPE Radio, 33 years
1989-90   Springfield High School Wrestling & Rally Host
  Ron Pheister PIL Athletics
    Vern Mueller Support of Athletics
    Carl Cluff Support of Athletics
1988   Mike Popovich Swim/Diving Championships
1987   Sam Tosti Official
    Jim Hudson Athletic Trainer - A Wrestling
1986   Walter Roloff Official, Commissioner
  Chuck Hudson A Wrestling
    John Murtaugh Basketball Brackets
1985   John Root AA-A Tennis Director
  Gladstone High School AA Volleyball
  Bob Brett Official, Commissioner
  U.S. Bank Sponsor
  Nendels Sponsor
    Chef Francisco Sponsor
1984   Salem Active 20-30 Club AAA Girls Basketball
  The Dalles High School A-B Volleyball
    David Douglas High School AAA Wrestling
1983   Oregon City High School AAA Volleyball
  Evadne Woodside Gymnastics
  Jeff Wiens AD, Reynolds Gymnastics
    Jack Taylor Columbia Gymnsastics

NFHS Awards

The NFHS endorses two awards programs each year. Please reference the nomination forms below for additional information.

NFHS Spirit of Sport Award
NFHS Heart of the Arts Award

NFHS Award of Excellence