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At the OSAA Executive Board Summer Workshop, the Board took the following actions:

·        Voted to approve a two-week season extension for the 2021 season for the 6-person Football Pilot.

·        Voted to approve 2021-22 Winter and Spring Special Districts (updated for each sport on

·        Voted to adopt the 2021-22 Athletic Officials Handbook (updated on

·        Voted to add Board Policy – Eligibility – GED Students and to amend Rule 8.5 – School Representation in alignment with new state legislation (attached).

·        Voted to add Board Policy – Hair Adornments allowing hair adornments in specific activities in Oregon in alignment with new state legislation (attached).

·        Voted to amend Board Policy – Practice Model to require students complete a minimum of five days of practice before competing unless they participated in the immediately preceding season. The Football practice requirement remains unchanged at nine days.

·        Voted to amend Board Policy – State Championships – Rankings which updates calendar dates within the policy.

·        Voted to approve the 2021-22 Eligibility Appeals Board Roster and Calendar of meetings.

·        Voted to adopt revisions to the Cheerleading score sheets and rubric.

·        Voted to increase the Wrestling brackets for girls to a 12-person bracket in each weight class starting with the 2021-22 state championships.  

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