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OSAA Music Large Ensemble Contest Report

* Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk.

Create a New Report Form

Step 1: Start a New Form

To create a new OSAA Music Large Ensemble Contest Report Form, begin by providing your information as the Event Organizer. If you are not an event organizer, but a school looking to register to state, please click here.

You will be listed as the Event Organizer. If there are any questions about the form you submit, the OSAA office may contact you via the information you provide. Only the OSAA staff will have access to your contact information.
It is helpful to know from which school or organization you are associated. This field will show you some suggested options as you type.


Step 2: Provide Some Event Information

Thanks, , for completing Step 1. For Step 2, you'll need to provide information about the event or festival. It is important to provide accurate information. If you are unsure about an option, check out the Help button for more details. If you want to start over, click the Reset/Clear button to start a new form from scratch.

Click the date field to bring up a date picker. Dates should be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format. If the event or festival occurred over more than one day, provide the last day of the event.
The location field will show you suggested options as you type.
Was this event a choir, band, or orchestra activity?
What type of event was this contest? There is a difference between OSAA League contests and OMEA District contests.

Create Form
You will also receive an email will a link to your form,
just in case you need to close the form and come back to it later.

This form is to be completed immediately following the event by the Event Organizer. This is not the state registration form.
Entries on this form indicate music groups that have participated in a state qualifying event.

If you are a music group looking to register for state, please click here.

For questions, click the Help button for full details and instructions.
If you need assistance, contact OSAA Support at (503) 682-6722 x228 or email support@osaa.org.