Nya Bussard is a Hi C captain and a four-year team member.
Nya Bussard is a Hi C captain and a four-year team member.

[Author’s note: “Senior Spotlight” is a miniseries offering a quick look at some of Oregon’s Class of 2022 dance standouts. Today, we are getting to know Centennial dancer Nya Bussard. Bussard is a current Hi C captain and a four-year team member. We provided Bussard with a series of questions to answer. Her responses are below!]

OSAAtoday: What style of dance do you enjoy performing the most?

Nya Bussard: My favorite style of dance is contemporary. I love connecting with the music and feeling every breath and expression with movement. The emotion that you can put into the routine is so freeing.

OSAAtoday: What was your first big success as a dancer and how did it impact you?

Bussard: My first big success as a dancer was performing my first solo routine. I take studio lessons outside of dance team and at the end of the season we have a big recital. After my first solo I felt so proud and relieved

OSAAtoday: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in dance team?

Bussard: Every Hi C practice is a memorable one. There is never a dull moment because of all the large, unique personalities on the team. However, if I had to pick one of the funniest things, I’ve seen on dance team it would be my friend accidentally throwing her poms on the ground at the wrong time then scrambling wildly to retrieve them. To this day the memory makes me laugh. 

OSAAtoday: What’s next for you after graduation? Will you pursue dance after high school?

Bussard: After I graduate, I am going to go to college, and major in biology. I hope to continue dancing either on a college team or recreationally. Dance has been part of my life for so long and it’s hard to imagine not doing it.