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Pendleton Girls Soccer Program

5A (Public)
Regular District
5A-4 Intermountain Conference

Team Staff
Head Coach
Kiana Rickman
Asst. Coach
Rocky Dillenburg
JV Head Coach
Ty Burchard
Program Information
5A (2020-21)
5A-4 Intermountain Conference
Hermiston Soccer Officials Association
Varsity Contests
1 / 1
Ranking Information
Ranking information is not available.

Status Details Date Start Time Opponent Dismiss Depart Return
Non-League S 3/13/21 Noon vs. Ontario
OSAA 5A Rank
Overall Record
League Record
Rankings Are Unavailable
No Ranking Data
RPI Rank
RPI Record
RPI Rating
Colley Rank
Colley Record
Colley Rating
Rankable Completed Contests
Opponent Result Counted Weight OAWP OAR Colley
There are no contests to show that factor into this team's ranking.
Opponent: Date and opposing team for this rankable contest.
Result: Result for this team: win (W), loss (L), or tie (T). The subscript indicates this team's designation: home team (H), away team (A), or at a neutral site (N).
Weight: Total amount of weighted points possible for this contest.
Counted: Amount of weighted points this team acquired for this contest based on the result.
OAWP: Opponent's Adjusted Winning Percentage, excluding this contest.
OAR: Opponent's Adjusted Record, excluding this contest.
Colley: Is this contest counted in the Colley method? Only contests between Oregon opponents in the same classification and ± 1 classification away are counted.
# C Name Position Grade Height
1 Addison Bonzani 12
2 Perla Ortega 12
3 Jasmine Arizaga 11
4 Finley Kennedy 11
5 Natalie LeGore 11
6 Kelsey Lovercheck 11
7 Reilly Lovercheck 11
8 Lindsey Pasena Little Sky 11
9 Brielle Youncs [ Yonks ] 11
10 Maria Alvarez Barroso 10
11 Hadley Brown 10
12 Hennessy Carillo 10
13 Melanie Castaneda 10
14 Charlie Franklin 10
15 Kiana Manta 10
16 Summer Wildbill 10
17 Dilubch Yaoch 10
18 Melanie Boatman 9
19 Faylinn Campbell 9
20 Brogan Evins 9
21 Abby Foust 9
22 Kyah Hunter [ Ki-ah ] 9
23 Ashtyn Larsen 9
24 Miranda Medrano 9
25 Grace Pitner 9
26 Hailey Schmidt 9
27 Madaline Schumacher [ Shoe-mock-er ] 9
28 Allison Spratling 9
29 Makenzie Walker 9

No Team Photo Found
Status Details Date Start Time Opponent Dismiss Depart Return
League R 9/24/20 4:30pm @ Redmond [JV]
League T 10/6/20 4:30pm vs. Hood River Valley [JV]
League R 10/8/20 4:30pm @ Ridgeview [JV]
League R 10/15/20 4:30pm vs. Redmond [JV]
League T 10/27/20 4:30pm @ Hood River Valley [JV] (Hood River - Westside Elementary)
League R 10/29/20 4:30pm vs. Ridgeview [JV]
Non-League S 3/13/21 Noon vs. Ontario [JV]
# C Name Position Grade Height
No player information to display, yet.

No Team Photo Found