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A glance at top scorers in the state, as reported by coaches, through Wednesday.

(Next list to appear Oct. 19. To report updates, email to [email protected].)


Paige Edmonson, Sutherlin 34

Leah Benson, Four Rivers 32

Cloe Chase, Marist Catholic 31

Kendal Yazzolino, St. Mary's (Medford) 29

Tori Vera, Gladstone 28

Addi Dauler, Catlin Gabel 21

Alice Davidson, Scappoose 21

Frances Reuland, Lincoln 21

Kamilla Grimmer, Philomath 18

Caitlin Moran, Riverdale 18

Kenley Whittaker, Wilsonville 17

Tressa Geyer, Pleasant Hill 16

Ariana Abigail Nunez, Four Rivers 16

Ketsia Carvalhaes. St. Mary's (Medford) 14

Libby McLaughlin, Marist Catholic 14

Alana Harry, Lincoln 13

Adie Nisly, Amity 13

Campbell Swaim, Catlin Gabel 13

Abigail Cox, Jesuit 12

Josie Grunerud, Central Linn 12

Bailey Bell, Philomath 11

Mya Haarsma, Amity 11

Amyrah Hill, The Dalles 11

Caile Lader, North Marion 11

Camryn Schaan, Wilsonville 11

Paige Allen, La Grande 10

Natalie Webber, Jesuit 10


Libby McLaughlin, Marist Catholic 16

Bailey Bell, Philomath 15

Ariana Abigail Nunez, Four Rivers 14

Alana Harry, Lincoln 14

Alana Hill, Catlin Gabel 14

Abigail Cox, Jesuit 13

Kamilla Grimmer, Philomath 13

Cloe Chase, Marist Catholic 12

Campbell Swaim, Catlin Gabel 12

Katya Tercek, Barlow 11

Ella Braunger, Marist Catholic 10

Addi Dauler, Catlin Gabel 9

McKenna Eggleston, Tigard 9

Ariana Gonzalez, The Dalles 9

Madison Hill, Gladstone 9

Caile Lader, North Marion 9

Frances Reuland, Lincoln 9

Emma Wheelock. St. Mary's (Medford) 9

Ella Bulkley, Catlin Gabel 8

Bri Crane, Wilsonville 8

Taylor Henderson, Riverdale 8

Cosette Milla, Riverdale 8

Jayne Neal, Central Linn 8

Kenley Whittaker, Wilsonville 8

Jocelyn De Los Santos, Barlow 7

Paige Edmonson, Sutherlin 7

Kennedy Fletcher, Lincoln 7

Tressa Geyer, Pleasant Hill 7

Tessa Hammond, Pleasant Hill 7

Ellie Henson, Junction City 7

Elsa Lee, St. Mary's (Medford) 7

Bella Mussio, St. Mary's (Medford) 7

Camryn Schaan, Wilsonville 7

Ketsia Carvalhaes. St. Mary's (Medford) 6

Alice Davidson, Scappoose 6

Elaina Deming, Junction City 6

Natalia Elias, The Dalles 6

Kendal Yazzolino, St. Mary's (Medford) 6