Senior Jade Stowell is a Cavalette team captain.
Senior Jade Stowell is a Cavalette team captain.

[Author’s note: “Senior Spotlight” is a miniseries offering a quick look at some of Oregon’s Class of 2022 dance standouts. Today, we are getting to know Clackamas dancer Jade Stowell. Stowell serves as a Captain of the 2021-22 squad. We provided Stowell with a series of questions to answer. Her responses are below!]

OSAAtoday: Why did you decided to join your high school dance team?

Jade Stowell: I decided to join my high school dance team because dancing brings me joy. I’ve been dancing since I was three years old. When I was going into my freshman year, I heard about the dance team. I was super scared to tryout, but I was also really excited. I had been dancing at a studio for all of my life and I knew that I needed a change. Clackamas gave me the opportunity to branch out and follow a different path with my dance career. 

OSAAtoday: If you could create a routine to any song, what would it be? And why?

Stowell: If I could create a routine to any song, it would be Waiting by Zhavia Ward. I would choose this song because I think it is really important to have a connection to a song that you're dancing to. For me, the song is powerful and has many ups and downs with the beat that would allow for different speeds of choreography. I also think that it is important to find music that makes you want to move, and this song is one of them.

OSAAtoday: What part of the dance team season is your favorite and why?

Stowell: My favorite part of the dance team season is state season. It's my favorite part of the season because we get to do so many things. There's our state reveal where we hear the music, see the theme, and get to see costumes. I love this part of the season because the team has such a strong bond, and everyone is so excited to work hard and win.

OSAAtoday: What’s next for you after graduation? Will you pursue dance after high school?

Stowell: I plan on attending the University of Arizona to study nursing. This school offers a great medical program and also offers some dance opportunities. I am thinking about joining their Pomline or maybe just taking some dance classes. I would like to continue dancing if possible but if not professionally or on a team I will never let that part of me go.