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Franklin Girls Basketball Program

6A (Public)
Regular District
6A-1 Portland Interscholastic League

Team Staff
Head Coach
David Jaynes
Asst. Coaches
Dave Anderson, Hunter Weiss
JV Asst. Coach
Rob Hill
Program Information
6A (2020-21)
6A-1 Portland Interscholastic League
Portland Basketball Officials Association
Varsity Contests
17 / 17
Ranking Information
Overall Record
League Record

Status Details Date Start Time Opponent Dismiss Depart Return
W 52-17 League T 5/18/21 7pm vs. Roosevelt
L 48-49 League R 5/20/21 5:30pm @ Jefferson, Portland
L 34-65 League F 5/21/21 7pm @ Cleveland
L 24-58 League M 5/24/21 7pm @ Benson
L 29-38 League R 5/27/21 7pm vs. Lincoln
L 45-49 League T 6/1/21 7pm @ Wells
L 41-63 Non-League W 6/2/21 7pm vs. Southridge
W 46-43 League F 6/4/21 6pm @ Madison
L 37-45 League M 6/7/21 7pm vs. Grant
W 56-37 Non-League W 6/9/21 7pm vs. Aloha
L 35-51 League F 6/11/21 7pm vs. Cleveland
L 20-65 League M 6/14/21 7pm vs. Benson
L 28-37 League W 6/16/21 7pm vs. Madison
Live Coverage
F 6/18/21 7pm @ Roosevelt
Neutral Site
T 6/22/21 5:30pm @ Sunset (Culminating Week - Ida B. Wells HS)
Non-League W 6/23/21 TBD vs. TBD (Ida B. Wells HS)
Non-League R 6/24/21 TBD vs. TBD (Ida B. Wells HS)
OSAA 6A Rank
Overall Record
League Record
Rankings Are Unavailable
No Ranking Data
RPI Rank
RPI Record
RPI Rating
Colley Rank
Colley Record
Colley Rating
Rankable Completed Contests
Opponent Result Counted Weight OAWP OAR Colley
0 contests 0-0
0.0 ÷ 0.0 = 0.0
Opponent: Date and opposing team for this rankable contest.
Result: Result for this team: win (W), loss (L), or tie (T). The subscript indicates this team's designation: home team (H), away team (A), or at a neutral site (N).
Weight: Total amount of weighted points possible for this contest.
Counted: Amount of weighted points this team acquired for this contest based on the result.
OAWP: Opponent's Adjusted Winning Percentage, excluding this contest.
OAR: Opponent's Adjusted Record, excluding this contest.
Colley: Is this contest counted in the Colley method? Only contests between Oregon opponents in the same classification and ± 1 classification away are counted.
# C Name Position Grade Height
1/1 Maya Sanders 9
2/2 Christy Nguyen 12
3/3 Carmen Fiarito 12
4/4 Ellie Armburster 12
4/4 Ellie Armbruster 12
10/10 Isa Hensley 10
12/12 Eleanor Courcelle 11
13/13 Maya Bryant 11
15/15 Gena Roe 9
20/20 Stella Holt-Dupey 10
21/21 Charolette Storrs 9
22/22 Ada Holstrom 10

No Team Photo Found
Status Details Date Start Time Opponent Dismiss Depart Return
Done Non-League T 5/18/21 5:30pm @ Putnam [JV]
Done League F 5/21/21 5:30pm @ Cleveland [JV]
Done League M 5/24/21 5:30pm @ Benson [JV]
Done League R 5/27/21 5:30pm vs. Lincoln [JV]
Done Non-League T 6/1/21 5:30pm @ Scappoose [JV]
Done League T 6/1/21 5:30pm @ Wells [JV]
Done Non-League W 6/2/21 5:30pm vs. Southridge [JV]
Done League F 6/4/21 4:30pm @ Madison [JV]
Done Non-League M 6/7/21 5:30pm vs. Grant [JV]
Done Non-League W 6/9/21 5:30pm vs. Aloha [JV]
Done League F 6/11/21 5:30pm vs. Cleveland [JV]
Done League M 6/14/21 4pm vs. Benson [JV] (aux gym)
Done League W 6/16/21 5:30pm vs. Madison [JV]
League F 6/18/21 5:30pm @ Roosevelt [JV] (Roosevelt High School (aux gym))
# C Name Position Grade Height
Mykiala Nelson 9
Sitka Schmidt-Pilgrim 10
0/0 Lilah Chu 10
5/5 Katallina Hubbard 10
10/10 Olivia Stills 9
11/11 Xanzelle Montes 11
12/12 Fiona Gallagher 10
21/21 Naba Hussein 9
25/25 Shala Santa Cruz Krigbaum 11
35/35 Liyan Nimo 10

No Team Photo Found
Status Details Date Start Time Opponent Dismiss Depart Return
Done Non-League W 5/19/21 4pm @ Newberg [JV2]
Done Non-League R 5/20/21 4pm vs. Sherwood [JV2]
League F 5/21/21 4pm @ Cleveland [JV2]
Done Non-League M 5/24/21 4pm @ Sunset [JV2]
Done Non-League R 5/27/21 4pm vs. Newberg [JV2]
Done Non-League W 6/2/21 4pm vs. Hood River Valley [JV2]
Done Non-League F 6/4/21 4pm vs. Forest Grove [JV2]
Done League M 6/7/21 4pm vs. Grant [JV2]
Done League F 6/11/21 4pm vs. Cleveland [JV2]
League F 6/18/21 4pm @ Grant [JV2]
Non-League S 6/19/21 2pm @ Newberg [JV2]
# C Name Position Grade Height
Mara Babsin 9
Manne Conseco Sanchez 9
Brooklyn Thompson 9
1/1 Grace Joy 9
11/11 Amelia Koss 9
20/20 Emelia Luisa Palleroni 9
21/21 Sisi Chen 9
23/23 Phebe Doukas 10
35/35 Justine Altman 9

No Team Photo Found
Status Details Date Start Time Opponent Dismiss Depart Return
No contests have been added to this schedule, yet.
# C Name Position Grade Height
No player information to display, yet.

No Team Photo Found