Siuslaw's boys and girls celebrate winning Northwest Classic team titles Saturday in Eugene. (Photo by Becky Holbrook)
Siuslaw's boys and girls celebrate winning Northwest Classic team titles Saturday in Eugene. (Photo by Becky Holbrook)

A look at cross country meets last week:

OES Invite, at Oregon Espiscopal, Tuesday

Girls -- Catlin Gabel junior Megan Cover won the 3,000-meter race in 12:35.70 to lead the Eagles to victory over host OES. Oregon Episcopal sophomores went 2-3, Ruby Gibbs in 14:04.50 and Morgan Matthews in 14:16.10.

Team Scores: Catlin Gabel 26, OES 31, Riverdale 80, Portland Adventist 98.

Boys -- The Aardvarks took the top three spots to post a convincing team win. Senior Tyler Edwards led the way in 10:41.70 followed by junior Olin Gister in 10:44.80 and senior Kole Pulley 12:01.60. 

Team Scores: Oregon Episcopal 18, Riverdale 52, Portland Adventist 63. 

MHC Preview, at Fernhill Park, Wednesday

Girls -- Central Catholic went 1-2 and placed all seven runners in the top 14 places to get the win on the 4,000-meter course at the MHC preview meet with 30 points. Sophomore Ella McGillis got the win for the Rams, credited with the same time as senior teammate Sophie Smithstanza, 16:04.20. Barlow junior Alyssa Stumbo was third in 16:18.10, just ahead of fellow Bruin, senior Sofia Clavio in 16:18.60

Team Scores: Central Catholic 30, Barlow 60, Clackamas 74, Sandy 94, Adrienne Nelson 105, Gresham 184, David Douglas 205.

Boys -- The Rams ran as a pack to perfect score the meet, with all seven runners in the top 8 on the 4K course. Junior Wes Shipsey got the win in 12:48.30, just ahead of junior Garrett Mackey (12:48.40) and senior Max Girardet (12:48.50).

Team Scores: Central Catholic 15, Barlow 84, Reynolds 96, Sandy 110, Clackamas 120, Nelson 160, David Douglas 167, Gresham 184.

Silver Falls Oktoberfest Invitational, at Silver Falls State Park, Wednesday

Girls -- Corvallis junior Ava Betts ran to victory in 19:36.6 to lead the Spartans to the team title. Mountain View senior Hannah Tranby was second in 19:55.0, followed by West Albany junior Megumi Ludlow (20:03.5) and Corvallis sophomore Kate Middleton (20:09.6).

Team Scores (Top 4): Corvallis 27, Mountain View 53, Silverton 114, Central 116.

Boys -- South Albany senior Logan Parker got the individual victory in 16:18.7, but Mountain View had all five scoring runners in the top 14 to claim the team title over the RedHawks, 46-51. Corvallis senior Spencer Middleton was second in 16:28.1, just ahead of Santiam Christian junior Benjamin Bourne, 16:28.2.

Team Scores (Top 4): Mountain View 46, South Albany 51, Canby 93, Corvallis 107.

Wallowa County Invitational, at Wallowa Lake State Park, Joseph, Friday

Girls -- La Grande sophomores Emily Tubbs (21:12.0) and Kiah Carlson (21:57.4) went 1-2 to lead the Tigers to the title in a close team battle with Union, Baker and Enterprise.

Team Scores: La Grande 41, Union 52, Baker 62, Enterprise 70, Pendleton 114. 

Boys -- Enterprise senior Zac Knapp won by more than a minute in a fast 16:20.2 to lead the Outlaws to the team title over Union. Enterprise senior Bayden Menton was second in 17:43.8 and Union junior Taylor Fox was third in 17:57.1.

Team Scores: Enterprise 27, Union 39, Baker 91, Pendleton 135, La Grande 138, Elgin 161, McLoughlin 162, Vale 188.

Meriwether CC Classic, at Meriwether Golf Club in Hillsboro, Friday

Girls -- Lake Oswego junior Kate Peters ran to another convincing victory on the fast Meriwether course, winning in 17:00.94. Younger sister, Ana Peters, a freshman for the Lakers, outkicked Sherwood senior Nancy Biegel for second, 18:11.26 to 18:11.47. Sherwood placed six runners in the top 30 to claim the team title.

Team Scores (Top 4): Sherwood 72, Lakeridge 122, Lake Oswego 134, Tigard 143.

Boys- - Tualatin senior Caleb Lakeman claimed an invitational victory for the second straight weekend, blitzing the course in 14:50.50 to outdistance Central Catholic junior Wes Shipsey (14:53.07). Sherwood senior James Crabtree was third in 14:57.22 and Rams senior Max Girardet placed fourth in 15:05.61. The Rams placed five runners in the top 19 with a 66 second gap to claim the team title over the Bowmen.

Team Scores (Top 4): Central Catholic 41, Sherwood 78, McMinnville 119, Lakeridge 135.

Northwest Classic, at Lane CC, Eugene, Saturday

1A-4A Girls -- Philomath freshman Adele Beckstead got the victory in 19:46.19, but Siuslaw placed all five scoring runners in the top 27 to claim the team victory by three points over the Warriors. Valley Catholic junior Maslin Sigler was second in 19:50.40 and Siuslaw senior Rylee Colton was fourth in 19:55.00.

Team Scores (Top 4): Siuslaw 68, Philomath 71, Klamath Union 132, Phoenix 143

1A-4A Boys -- Marshfield junior Alexander Garcia-Silver ran to a convincing victory in 15:54.98 and Siuslaw had five runners in the top 25 places to easily win the team title with 59 points. Philomath junior Brody Bushnell was second 16:23.70 and Phoenix senior Elwood Hosking was third in 16:36.78. 

Team Scores (Top 4): Siuslaw 59, Valley Catholic 112, Philomath 138, Sisters 157

5A/6A Girls -- Summit senior Teaghan Knox ran to victory in 17:53.40 leading the Storm to the team title with 22 points. Wells senior Charlotte Richman was second in 17:57.37, followed by three Summit runners - senior Maggie Williams (18:22.67) and juniors Ella Thorsett (18:50.50) and Barrett Justema (18:51.97). 

Team Scores (Top 4): Summit 22, Wells 61, South Eugene 137, South Salem 138

5A/6A Boys -- Sheldon senior Ben Collins ran to victory in 15:25.50 to lead the Irish to the team title. Ridgeview senior Finn Anspach was second in 15:38.56 and West Salem sophomore Jack Meier was third in 15:39.90.

Team Scores (Top 4): Sheldon 73, Wells 92, Summit 101, West Salem 106

Oregon City XC Invitational, at Oregon City HS, Saturday

Girls -- Franklin senior Kaiya Robertson ran to a convincing victory in 17:47.51 to lead the Lightning to the team title over Corvallis, 35-46. Franklin had all five scoring runners in the top 12 places, while the Spartans had six underclassmen in the top 20. Columbia Christian senior Makena Houston was second in 18:12.29 and Corvallis junior Ava Betts placed third in 18:56.62.

Team Scores (Top 4): Franklin 35, Corvallis 46, Hermiston 120, Westview 132.

Boys -- Franklin senior Charlie North got a close victory over The Dalles junior Juan Diego Contreras (15:52.55 to 15:52.63) to lead seven Lightning in the top 8 places to easily claim the team title. Junior Sheadon Ocker was third for Franklin in 16:04.23 and senior Gwilym Horner was fourth in 16:05.83.

Team Scores (Top 4): Franklin 19, Hermiston 117, Westview 146, Oregon City 148.