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OSAA Website Help

Accounts & Logins

OSAA Website Accounts

Anyone on the internet can create an OSAA Website Account. Creating an account entails providing a unique e-mail address and a password. Since anyone in the world can register for an account, access to administrative functions like editing schedules, staff, rosters, submitting scores, filling out online forms, etc. is only available to accounts that have linked to a school.

» Register for an OSAA Website Account

E-Mail Address

It is highly recommended to use your school related e-mail address. Users must have their own, unique e-mail address. If your registration attempt fails because your e-mail address is already in use, then an account has already been registered to that e-mail address.

Forgotten Passwords

If you do not remember your password, you can request a new, temporary password to be sent to the e-mail address registered with your account.

» Recover Your Account


Passwords must be 8-16 characters and can include letters, numbers, or special characters. Your account password is different from your school's key code.

School Key Codes and Linking Accounts

OSAA Website Accounts must be linked to a school in order to access administrative and management functions for that school. Linking an account to a school is accomplished by entering in a School's Key Code.

If you know your school's key code, you can enter it at account creation to link your newly registered account to a school. Otherwise, you can link your account to a school at a later date.

Where Do I Get My Key Code?

If you do not know your key code, you can request it from your Athletic Director or AD Secretary. Administrators can lookup their school's key codes from their "My Account" page. You can still create an account and link your account to a school at a later time.

Online Forms

Event Management & Ticket Report Form

Where Is the Form?

School administrators can access the online Event Management & Ticket Report Form on their My Account page. Users must be logged in with administrative access to use these online forms.

» Login to Your Account


The following document provides a lot of information regarding the new online Event Management & Ticket Report form for OSAA playoff contests.

» Event Management & Ticket Report Instructions

Help for Officials & Commissioners

Officials Playoff Payments - ArbiterPay

Setting Up ArbiterPay

This guide from ArbiterSports provides a step-by-step outline for setting up ArbiterPay.

» ArbiterPay Quick Guide for Officials

Getting Paid

This guide from ArbiterSports explains how to transfer funds from ArbiterPay accounts so officials can get paid.

» How to Transfer Funds Out of ArbiterPay

Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance regarding officials payments, please contact Heidi Lopez, heidil@osaa.org or call (503) 682-6722 x224.

Ejection Reports

Ejection Policies and Reminders

The following link opens a document with pertinent information regarding ejections and some reminders for officials and Commissioners.

» Ejection Information for Commissioners


The following document provides a step-by-step outline of accessing the online ejection report form and submitting an ejection report.

» Online Ejection Report Instructions

Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance with ejection reports, please contact OSAA support, support@osaa.org or call (503) 682-6722 x228.