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Dance/Drill AD and Coach Information

Dance/Drill State Championship

State championship venue and schedule overview

Dance/Drill Handbook

(Updated 12/13/2022)

» Dance/Drill Handbook
Contains the season dates, NFHS rule changes, OSAA Dance/Drill policies, state championship information, divisions, and OSAA general policies

Reminders / Memos

» 2022-23 NFHS Spirit Rule Changes
Here are the 2022-23 New Rule Changes for Spirit, including hair adornment and padding requirements

»NFHS: Reducing Injury through Rule Changes
Details in the NFHS document Reducing Injury Risk During Inversions, Release Stunts and Tosses are the Focus of 2021-22 High School Spirit Rule Changes

»NFHS Spirit Rules Placemat 2022-2023
Guidance regarding technical judging infractions and descriptions

» OSAA Practice Model
Including Q&As

Broadcast Schedule

State Rules Interpreter Bulletins

» SRI Bulletin #1