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Oregon Wrestling Weight Monitoring Program

TrackWrestling Video Tutorials

TrackWrestling Video Tutorials
» Track Wrestling on YouTube (70 video tutorials on all subjects)

Entering Schedules and Match Results:
» How to use the TrackWrestling Stat Program
» Entering offline mobile results and syncing

TrackWrestling Help Video - Step by Step Screen Capture

Step 1 - Importing Wrestlers

Importing wrestlers from the previous season

Raising a Wrestlers Minimum Weight Class

Instructions on how to Raise a Minimum Weight Class when required or by choice

How to order a TrackWrestling Tournament and Invite Teams

Step by step instructions on how you order your tournament and invite participating teams on TW

Cleaning up your schedule page

Step by step instructions on cleaning up duplicate events on your schedule page

Setting up your first tournament using TrackWrestling

Jeff Drumm webinar on how to setup your first tournament in TrackWrestling

Step 2 - How to enter your Varsity Schedule

A short instructional video to help Athletic Directors and Coaches correctly enter a Varsity schedule into TrackWrestling

How to Print Required OSAA Weigh-in Report

A short instruction video that provides the steps necessary to print the required OSAA Weigh-in Report

Tournament Entries

Step by step instructions on how to enter wrestlers into a tournament

Uploading results of a dual meet tournament

Step by step instructions on how to upload wrestler results after a dual meet tournament

TrackWrestling/NWCA OPC Season Program Overview

10 minute video will demonstrate how the NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator has been integrated into the TrackWrestling platform.


»Final Reminders
Final reminders prior to the first contest date
»First Contest Date Requirements
Requirements prior to the first contest date
»Female Events and Entering Female Match Data
Memo that outlines member school responsbilities related to Girls Wrestling
»Legal Uniform Assessment and Weigh-in Requirement
Memo provides more information requirements related to weigh-ins

Program Information

» OWWMP Regulations
Outlines the purpose, process, and requirements within the Oregon Wrestling Weight Monitoring Program

» Season 4 Program Calendar
Outlines key dates within the Oregon Wrestling Weight Monitoring Program

» Assessment Waiver Request
Form used to request excemption from OWWMP assessment requirements

» Physicians Clearance Form
Required form for wrestlers assessed under 7% body fat

» Scale Certification
Listing of all liscensed Oregon scale certification outlets

Assessment Information

» Certified Assessor Contact List
School Responsibilities
» BIA Data Form

Assessment Appeal Resources

» Approved Appeal Facilities
» Hydrostatic Weighing Appeal
» BOD POD Appeal

TW Training Info

Typical high school varisty tournaments use a predefined format and this course covers how to set up and run this type of event.

Instructional video on how to integrate electronic scoring using matside scoring to run your event.

Typical high school varsity dual meet tournament instructional course covers how to set up and run this type of event.

Purchase BIA Assessment Supplies

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