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La Salle Prep Softball Program

5A (Private)
Regular District
5A-1 Northwest Oregon Conference

Team Staff
Head Coach
Kirsten Smith
Asst. Coaches
Anna Therrell, Clark Anderson, Troy Lyver
JV Head Coach
Chelsea Bailey
Program Information
5A (2020-21)
5A-1 Northwest Oregon Conference
Portland Softball Umpires Association
Varsity Contests
14 / 14
Ranking Information
Overall Record
League Record

Status Details Date Start Time Opponent Dismiss Depart Return
L 6-13 League T 4/13/21 4:30pm @ Scappoose
W 13-3 Non-League F 4/16/21 6pm vs. Cascade
W 13-0 League M 4/19/21 5pm @ Parkrose
W 5-4 League T 4/20/21 4:30pm @ Putnam
W 8-5 League R 4/22/21 4pm vs. Hillsboro
L 0-10 League M 4/26/21 4pm vs. Wilsonville
W 14-3 League T 4/27/21 5pm @ St. Helens
L 7-8 League R 4/29/21 4pm vs. Scappoose
League T 5/4/21 4pm vs. Parkrose
W 6-2 Non-League T 5/4/21 4pm vs. Corbett
L 1-3 League R 5/6/21 4pm @ Putnam
L 7-8 Non-League F 5/7/21 4:30pm vs. Clackamas
L 2-12 League M 5/10/21 5pm @ Hillsboro
L 0-2 League T 5/11/21 6:30pm @ Wilsonville
W 12-4 League R 5/13/21 4pm vs. St. Helens
OSAA 5A Rank
Overall Record
League Record
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RPI Record
RPI Rating
Colley Rank
Colley Record
Colley Rating
Rankable Completed Contests
Opponent Result Counted Weight OAWP OAR Colley
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Opponent: Date and opposing team for this rankable contest.
Result: Result for this team: win (W), loss (L), or tie (T). The subscript indicates this team's designation: home team (H), away team (A), or at a neutral site (N).
Weight: Total amount of weighted points possible for this contest.
Counted: Amount of weighted points this team acquired for this contest based on the result.
OAWP: Opponent's Adjusted Winning Percentage, excluding this contest.
OAR: Opponent's Adjusted Record, excluding this contest.
Colley: Is this contest counted in the Colley method? Only contests between Oregon opponents in the same classification and ± 1 classification away are counted.
# C Name Position Grade Height
Halia Richter 10
Liana Stover 9
Ryley Vickroy 11
Hailey Wadsworth 12
Layne Portash 9
Olivia Oglesby 11
Elsie Buczkowski 11
Clara Hudson 9
Myra Keyes 10
Bailey Mahaffy 11
Sophia Breihof 12

No Team Photo Found
Status Details Date Start Time Opponent Dismiss Depart Return
Done League T 4/13/21 4:30pm @ Scappoose [JV]
W 13-7 League R 4/15/21 4:30pm vs. Milwaukie / Milwaukie Acad. of the Arts [JV] 2:45pm
T 7-7 Non-League F 4/16/21 4pm vs. Jesuit [JV]
Done League T 4/20/21 6:30pm @ Putnam [JV]
Done Non-League W 4/21/21 5pm @ Newberg [JV]
L 3-10 Non-League R 4/22/21 6pm vs. Clackamas [JV]
W 11-8 League M 4/26/21 6pm vs. Wilsonville [JV]
Done League W 4/28/21 5:30pm @ St. Helens [JV] (Campbell Park, St. Helens)
Done League R 4/29/21 6pm vs. Scappoose [JV]
W 9-8 League M 5/3/21 5pm @ Milwaukie / Milwaukie Acad. of the Arts [JV] (Lake Rd. Field)
Done Non-League T 5/4/21 6pm vs. Oregon City [JV]
Done League R 5/6/21 6pm @ Putnam [JV]
W 7-0 League T 5/11/21 4:30pm @ Wilsonville [JV]
Done League R 5/13/21 6pm vs. St. Helens [JV]
# C Name Position Grade Height
Layne Portash 9
Olivia Nelson 9
Elena Raschio 9
Halia Richter 10
Liana Stover 9
Jodee Rilatt 9
Gabriella Matic 9
Myra Keyes 10
Sophia Eggen 10
Katelyn Blau 9
Veronika Gunther 10
Clara Hudson 9
Maili Jackson 9
Allie Ball 10

No Team Photo Found