Scappoose football player and mouse trainer Ben Rintoul with Freddie
Scappoose football player and mouse trainer Ben Rintoul with Freddie

[Editor’s note: Every Wednesday during the summer, we will ask Oregon high school athletes to answer a question pertaining to summer. The best and most interesting responses will be published. In this edition we ask about new experiences. We received more than 90 responses. Fifteen appear below…]

“Most of my summers consist of the same routine: camping and doing chores. This year I want to travel. I would like to go and follow Route 66. I like how many states it goes through and think the drive would be pretty and fun. I have family in most of the states and could visit them along the way. I think traveling is very fun and it’s gets me out of the house doing many adventurous things. I would also get to teach myself about each state and landmark. It won’t be cheap but it will be really fun.” – Hailey Welch, soccer and track & field, Class of 2021, North Marion HS

“Break 17:00 in the 5k before cross country season begins. Also do the chocolate milk mile (total of a whole gallon) [drink a quart; run a quarter-mile; repeat for one mile] and break 5:50 in it with the boys.”—Jackson Henstrom, cross country, basketball and baseball, Class of 2022, Westview HS 

“I want to finish getting my private pilot’s license and also do a triathlon. With COVID it will be hard to do everything but it also opens up more time for me to do things I haven’t before.” – Grace Nealy, volleyball, Class of 2022, West Albany HS

“This summer would’ve been the first time me and my brother got to play with each other in a high school game for summer basketball. It would’ve been really cool to play alongside him. It has been a dream of ours since we were little.” – Isaiah Gilliam, basketball, Class of 2021, South Albany HS 

“If I could do anything this summer, I would want to learn how to wakeboard and surf. I’ve always wanted to learn. I grew up watching my cousins do 360s and jump the wake like it was nothing. I’ve never had the guts to do it but I think this summer is the year to try!” – Cash Cota, soccer, Class of 2024, Ashland HS

“I want to go camping with a group of friends. No parents. Just kids having fun. No one to say that’s your last s’more or time to sleep!” – Mackenzii Phillips, volleyball, basketball and track & field, Class of 2021, Douglas HS

“Drive around with my friends in my truck. Just us.” – Kellen Hanson, football, wrestling and baseball, Class of 2022, South Albany HS

“During the summers I play club softball with the Northwest Bullets. We are a traveling team and we go out of state for nearly every tournament. With so many states being shut down this summer it is forcing us to go to new states. This summer I have already been to one state I had never played in before which was Idaho. This summer I could go to a lot of new states and be able to travel and drive throughout the country.” – Alivia Holden, volleyball and softball, Class of 2023, Lebanon HS

“Summit Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. I’m part of a youth mountaineering organization called Post 58 and they provide all the opportunities for me to get outside and climb. I like climbing because it’s a lot of fun and I like to get outside. School sports are fun but I like to get out in nature because it’s beautiful and I like adventuring.” -- Dublin Gingerich, cross country and track & field, Class of 2022, Lake Oswego HS

“This summer I plan on inspiring the upcoming high schoolers to take chances, try out for everything you want to do, and be engaged! As the co-Student Body President for Aloha High School, I am in a unique position to create change. I want to guide others to embrace all opportunities and encourage diversity. I have played multiple sports in high school and built relationships with a ton of people. I also learned how to adjust to various coaching styles. I want to share this knowledge. All of this has also helped me to stay physically active. I look forward to what my senior year holds and the impression I can have on the next generation of students.” – Emma Deloyola, cheer, soccer, basketball, swimming and softball, Class of 2021, Aloha HS

“I would like to go skydiving this summer. I love sports and the adrenaline that comes with them. I believe skydiving would be great fun and bring an awesome adrenaline rush. I miss sports and I’ve missed my friends, but I look forward to being able to play some sports here soon as well as return to school.” – Kylar Middleton, football, wrestling and track & field, Class of 2024, Douglas HS

“Travel out of state, play summer volleyball and get a championship with one of my 4-H pigs.” – Hayden Spaulding, volleyball, Class of 2024, Alsea

“I want to get in shape before cross country practices start, by both running and strength work. I always tell myself that I’ll run over the summer, but in seven years of cross country I’ve never actually followed through. This is my last chance!” – Aidan Arthur, cross country and track & field, Class of 2021, Corvallis HS

“This summer I want to go skydiving over the Pacific Ocean and then get picked up by a boat and jet ski back to land. I also want to meet LeBron James.” – Emma Kroll, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse, Class of 2022, Hood River Valley HS

“Convince my mom to let me keep and train the rats, which have invaded our chicken coop, to do tricks. This is Freddie [pictured]. He does nothing but eat chicken scratch...yet.” – Ben Rintoul, football, wrestling and track & field, Class of 2023, Scappoose HS